10 Best Scissors For Sewing

Scissors are probably one of the most important items within a sewing room because if your scissors are blunt they will cause all kinds of trouble with your fabric, it will take you twice as long to cut out and it can be extremely draining and painful for your hands.

I was always taught when it comes to sewing that you should have not just one pair of scissors but multiple (not quite hoarders paradise but close)!

I generally learnt you should have scissors for paper, for fabric, for embroidery and some in between for small cuts but not as small as embroidery scissors.

I decided to help anyone looking to buy new scissors, buy fabric scissors for the first time or even replace the old ones they currently have with this article.

Best Large Dressmaking Scissors

All of these scissors came highly recommended by people who sew for a hobby, sew as a profession and even tried out by myself to give you the best results and selection of scissors.

1. Kai 9.5” Professional Tailor’s Shears

These scissors were recommended by some sewers in a general sewing group along with some professional costume makers. These are an inexpensive pair of scissors and so are worth buying to try out in the sewing room.

Kai Scissors are made and produced in Japan with high quality steel and are long lasting, they are perfect for anyone getting into sewing or looking to update their sewing scissors.

The Kai scissor comes with a 9.5″ inch blade which is perfect for cutting fabric and creating long strides and cuts. They come with a black plastic handle to give the scissors a little more comfort around the hand and are slightly angled down so create a smoother cut and line.

2. Janome Soft & Sharp Dressmaker Scissors

The Janome soft and sharp are perfect for those who want a little more comfort when cutting around the hand. They are 9.48″ long which are perfect for cutting fabric and materials in the sewing room.

What I really like about these scissors is that they have a soft rubber like handle so that you can feel comfortable cutting out and using them even if it is for a longer time than you would like.

The blades are made from stainless steel and will last a long time before needing replacing or sharpening.

This style of scissors are perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable pair of scissors. Also for anyone looking at getting into sewing as they are fairly inexpensive and work just as well.

3. Fiskars Amplify Razor Edge Scissors

Fiskars are probably one of the most common and popular brands of tools in the wonderful world of sewing. They are a brand I have been aware of from the very beginning and a brand I love and use often.

I have both Fiskars scissors and rotary cutter for more streamlined projects.

Fiskars are both well made and affordable which is great for anyone who are just looking at getting into sewing and want to keep the budget down.

These dressmaking scissors are perfect for cutting a number of different fabrics and will perform well and last a long time. You can also buy a Fiskars scissor sharpener if you wish to keep your scissors and sharpen them every so often.

4. Hemline Premium Dressmaking Scissors

I currently have the Hemline Rose Gold scissors and I love them, they are full metal on the blades and handle so might feel a little uncomfortable at first but they are sharp and cut well in a number of different fabrics.

I was bought these as a gift a couple of Christmases ago and loved them instantly. While the colour doesn’t phase me I enjoyed how sleek they were, how easy to use and surprisingly didn’t hurt my hands too much when cutting.

The finger holes within the handle are nice and generous as to not be too tight or pinch around the edges which I really enjoy as I sometime struggle with comfort on scissors.

5. Fiskars Classic Universal Scissors 25cm

Fiskars are again a very popular brand especially for cutting materials and tools such as scissors. I like these as they have the plastic handle which adds a level of comfort to your hands while cutting and they are durable.

These also come with a slight angle to the blades so they are easier to angle down and use flat, this is great for those who struggle to hold scissors or struggle when cutting out in general.

As the angle helps you stay closer to the flat surface and create a better and more even cut.

The blades are stainless steel so they are great for using over and over again and will last a long time. They are also dishwasher safe but I would be cautious on how many times you clean them as you don’t want them to rust or even become dull.

6. Merchant and Mills Extra Sharp 10″

Merchant And Mills are probably the elite scissors on the market and are definitely worth investing in if you are looking to have the best scissors for sewing. I would also say these are probably going to be the most diverse in terms of use across all fabrics.

These scissors are perfect for using if you are going into costume making where fabrics are thicker and require a little more help. Also with tailoring projects, upholstery projects and general sewing.

The Merchant And Mills Scissors are full metal made from stainless steel and are quite heavy. If you are looking for a lighter pair of scissors or struggle with your grip I would look at the Fiskars or Janome scissors instead.

Alternatively, if you want a pair of scissors that feel like they are doing all the work for you and you can use them on anything these are the pair for you. They are the highest in price point out of the full list of scissors but are definitely scissors you would buy once and be able to use for years to come.

7. Gingher G 8″ Knife Edge Bent Trimmers 

Another pair of scissors that came highly recommended were the Gingher 8 inch scissors. Made from stainless steel they are perfect for sharpening when they eventually become dull and weather well.

These are slightly bulkier and thicker in the blade and frame from the other scissors, this is to create a more clear and precise cut which is great especially for anyone looking to have a more clear cut.

These would be perfect for bulkier or thicker fabrics or multiple layers. These would work great for fabrics such as wools and coat fabrics which tend to be a little harder to cut through and need an extra little help to get through the weave.

Best Small Embroidery Scissors

Each of these small embroidery scissors was tested by myself for came recommended by friends, by professionals and other sewing hobbyists.

8. Janome 5.5-Inch Craft and Sewing Soft N Sharp Scissors

Much like the Janome scissors above these come with a soft plastic handle for ultimate comfort around the hand. They also are perfect for doing small cuts like notches, cutting off threads and small projects including embroidery.

They are easy to handle and place on your fingers for best use and control. The blades are also made from stainless steel.

As they are from the soft n sharp range from Janome you can find these scissors are covered in a soft rubbery material that moulds more around your hand and make using them easier, gentler on the hands and perfect for anyone who struggles with the all metal scissors.

9. Fiskars Hand Scissors Classic 13 cm

These Fiskars small scissors are perfect for anyone whether left or right handed. They are made universally so you can use them no matter which hand you use to cut out. What I love about these scissors is the plastic handle to make it more comfortable when cutting anything.

I also love that they are small and compact and have a great amount of space within the handle holes for your fingers to sit in. Some scissors are too tight in the handle but these are great and give you enough room to work with.

I would suggest buying these scissors as part of your sewing kit as they are great for cutting off loose threads, small notches and even things like applique where you need to be precise and need smaller blades.

10. Kai 4″ Curved Tip Needlecraft Scissors

The Kai 4 inch scissors are perfect for any sewing kit, embroidery kit or even cross stitch kit as they are small, compact and easy to use. Thee scissors are made from stainless steel and are produced in Japan.

The handle holes are large and spacious perfect for anyone who likes the added space, doesn’t like the feel like their fingers are trapped or for men who naturally have larger hands.

The handles are covered and made from a black plastic which make the comfortable and easy to grip hold of and use.

The blades themselves are very small, pointy and sharp which makes them perfect for a number of things from cutting thread, trimming down seam allowances or using to cut small cuts and notches into your seams and fabric.

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