12 Best Ikea Furniture For Sewing Rooms

Ikea is a great place to shop for cheap affordable furniture and they are the home of organisation and storage systems which are perfect for creating the most useful of spaces, especially sewing rooms.

The best Ikea furniture pieces for a sewing room are those which are versatile and can easily hold many things, boxes and are sturdy. Kallax units are great as they can be used as a side table and storage system in one.

In this article, I am going to talk about what makes Ikea furniture perfect for sewing rooms, what to look for and my personal favourite 12 pieces you can use in your sewing room.

Why Is Ikea Furniture Ideal For A Sewing Room?


There’s a reason that Ikea has a reputation for being used by newlyweds – the furniture is all cheap and high-quality. This means that it’s easy to decorate the home (or even just a sewing room) on a budget, letting you customize without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, cheap furniture is handy for a room in which you might not know how much time you’ll be spending. For example, you might only just be getting started sewing as a hobby, so you might not want to spend a huge amount of money if you’ll drop the hobby soon. Furnishing with cheap Ikea furniture helps to assuage that worry.

Easy To Put Together

While flat packs have somewhat of a negative reputation, Ikea is truly the master of the flat pack. It’s a really intuitive and straightforward building style that allows you to follow instructions simply and easily, to ensure that your room looks just how you’d like.

This can be especially helpful to make space feel wholly your own. Even if you’re a DIY novice, most people can easily follow Ikea instructions. Therefore, when the room is finished and decorated, you’ll feel a sense of ownership and pride over it.

Fairly Light and Easy To Move Around

This is, on some level, a consequence of the furniture being made cheaply. A lot of the furniture, even great, big wooden things, is extremely light. This means that you can easily move the furniture within your space if you need to.

This is handy for those of us that like to redecorate a space every now and then by simply moving around any bits of moveable furniture.

It’s also handy because you might realize, after a short while, that a set of shelves (for example) is in the wrong place, and needs to be closer to your seat so that you can reach it while you’re working. If this is the case, you can easily move the seat or the shelves thanks to their lightweight construction.

Ideal For Use In More Than One Space

This is a great boon for those of us who are a little plagued with indecision. There’s every chance that you might be looking at a pegboard that would be handy for your space, but you’re not sure how well it might fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the room.

If that’s the case, you can easily move that pegboard into another space to ensure that it gets used, and the money you spent on it isn’t going to waste. This might sound like a trivial benefit to some people, but to others, the minimalist, inclusive design is a wonderful bonus.

Looks Clean, Tidy, and Nice

This is perhaps something that is a legacy of the fact that Scandinavian style is all about minimalism and function first, but whatever the cause it’s an impressive function of Ikea furniture.

The huge majority of the furniture is very straightforward, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. This minimalism means that virtually any item can go in virtually any space with no hassle at all. How handy!

This minimalism can also be handy for a creative space as it can help to keep your attention focussed on the piece that you’re working on, rather than on the whorls and swirls of a different piece of furniture in front of you.

All The Pieces Go Together Nicely

This is truly the best thing about the design of Ikea furniture – the designs all go together with little to no effort on the part of the person that’s buying and assembling them. For example, a lot of items that might happen to go in the same bedrooms – beds, shelves, wardrobes, etc – all match and go together very easily and simply.

These items will be similar tones and be built with similar, geometric-style designs that keep things simple and straightforward. It’s a truly impressive design accomplishment.

12 Best Ikea Furniture For Sewing Rooms

Write roughly 100 words on each one to say what makes it useful, good and why it can be used in a sewing room, and what for.

1. Kallax

Ikea has a range of different storage options with the name Kallax, and they’re all stupendous. The most common options are roughly one and a half meters tall, and seventy centimetres wide, with a depth of about forty centimetres.

This is an example opf stupendous design, as the storage space this generates within the unit is perfect for any number of items.

You can also look into a number of insertable extras for Kallax units, such as drawers which would allow you to more easily store and move loose items.

2. Havsta Wardrobe

The havsta wardrobe is very similar to a number of other units in the havsta collection, but the main difference is that it is simply the tallest option within the range. It stands roughly two meters tall, making it average for a wardrobe and ideal for a sewing room.

At that size, you can use in-built shelves to easily store and hide away swatches of fabric that you’re yet to sew into your next masterpiece.

The havsta wardrobe has a larger base than the top, meaning that you can store heavy objects wherever is most convenient within the unit. This is handy as it allows you to conveniently store whatever you need to store wherever it needs to go.

3. Havsta Cabinet

The havsta cabinet is an undeniably cute piece of furniture, mostly as it is about as squat as it is wide. This square shape means that it’s perfect for slotting under pre-existing shelves or units within the room, leading to a very convenient unit.

We’d recommend using this unit for fabric storage within a sewing room. It has a lot of space inside it that would be best filled with large objects, such as bolts of fabric or boxes of thread. However, there are other items on the list that might be better for small items like needles and bobbins, so we would recommend this unit for fabric.

4. Havsta Shelving Unit

The havsta shelving unit is ideal for any open-plan sewing room, as it allows you to easily and quickly store things that you want to have on display. This can be any number of things, especially in a sewing room with a more modern outlay.

A great thing to use this for could be a spot to store large jars filled with the small odds and ends that are likely to get away from you. For example, jars filled with buttons, spare scraps of test fabric, and half-empty bobbins would look very quaint on such a unit as this.

5. Rashult Craft Trolley

The rashult trolley is ideal for any number of sewing rooms, and is sure to fit in among them all – it comes in a number of different colors, and has three tiers ideal for any number of bits and bobs.

Something that we particularly like about the rashult trolley is that the sides of the shelves are quite tall, which means that you’re unlikely to flick something over or beyond the trays themselves. This is handy if you’re using needles in a house with little ones or pets, as you certainly don’t want the two mixing.

6. Vadholma Kitchen Island

As much as the vadholma kitchen island is designed for use in a kitchen, it would make an utterly stupendous addition to any sewing room. A number of people are very fond of using standing desks and similar things nowadays, and the vadholma fits wonderfully into that subculture.

The counter is at the same height as most kitchen counters, meaning that it would be perfect for use as a cutting table or something similar.

Another benefit is the overheard handing rack that comes with the unit. While it is designed for pots and pans, it makes a great space to store heavy items that you might not have room for.

This unit would make a wonderful small space solution. It can be used as a great sewing room accessory, and all the things on and around it can be sorted away into the shelves when you’re finished. It could then be used in a kitchen space, or for any other reason.

7. Bror Large Trolley

The bror is a wonderful trolley that’s quite large indeed. It stands at roughly hip height for the average person, meaning that it could be a wonderful height for use as a cutting table.

Plus, it has a large amount of shelf storage underneath the top work surface, which means that you can easily hide away any small bits and pieces that need to be stowed away for a tidy home.

We love that the trolley is so large and on wheels. Normally, wheeled trolleys are smaller, but this one is large enough that you could conceivably use it in a number of different spaces simply by wheeling it around and standing by it. This is ideal for people that might need a space that they can put away if needs be.

8. Bekant Adjustable Height Desk

This desk is great for people that might want to adjust the height of a desk during the workday, or between several people.

Essentially, the desk comes in two parts – the desk surface and the base and legs. The base and legs can be adjusted to be taller or shorter, and thereafter you can affix the desk surface to start working.

We love the idea of using this desk in a space where you might enjoy working standing sometimes and sitting at other times. This would be a great way to switch up your workspace on those long days where you’re getting sleepy but you just want to make one more garment.

9. Lagkapten/Alex Desk Combo

This is a wonderful combination of desk and storage, making it an ideal space for a small sewing setup. The desk surface itself is perfectly sized for nearly cutting and sewing projects, and is long enough to accommodate both a sewing machine and a small space for storage of tools or just a small working surface.

The drawers vary in size – there are five in total, two shallow and three deep. This variation is handy to ensure that you always have a place to store items, regardless of their dimensions.

10. Skadis pegboard

A good pegboard will come in handy in virtually any room in the house. The thing that makes a pegboard so handy is that, typically, a number of different utilities will be supplied by the same store that you bought the pegboard from.

These utilities will typically be small trays or hooks which are perfect for fitting differently sized odds and ends into.

We love that the skadis series of products features a number of wonderfully helpful accessories to ensure that your storage system is perfectly optimized for you. This will mean that your storage system will be just as organic and helpful as you’d like it to be!

11. Bekvam Spice Rack

This spice rack is a bargain at only three pounds and fifty pence, meaning that you can afford to buy one or two for your space. We love that the shelf space has a bar that prevents items from falling from the shelf and to the floor. This can be really handy for items such as needles which you don’t want littering the floor.

We also love that the spice rack is so small, making it a wonderful small space solution for a sewing room! The truth is that sewing rooms are often particularly small rooms, and this rack would fit into nearly any space perfectly.

12. Drona Storage Boxes

The drona storage boxes are undoubtedly one of the most popular Ikea products out there. They’re ideal for any number of uses, but they’re especially popular thanks to the fact that they fit perfectly into the kallax units.

This means that you can slide a box out, fill it will odds and ends, and then slide the box back in – ideal for a neat and tidy workspace!

We love that these boxes come in a wealth of color options! This means that you can almost always find the perfect option for your space, whether that’s geometric prints or earth tones.

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