13 Best Hand Sewing Projects To Do While Travelling

Travelling whether by plane, car or train is a great time to craft and sew. While it can be a little more complex it also is a great way of keeping you busy during a long journey.

It was something I would often do during long journeys or on the train home for the weekend from university. I would spend the time doing work and catching up on simple sewing projects to pass the time.

Here are 13 simple and easy projects you can do while travelling. These are also small, simple and easy to do with just a needle and thread.

Can I Take Sewing Projects On Holiday With Me?

Are you looking to make the most out of your holiday? Travelling can be fun, but if you are a craftsperson like me, taking sewing projects along with you on holidays can be exciting! 

The fact is, yes, you can take sewing projects with you on holiday! While a holiday is a great time to take a break from your normal work life, you can still keep your hands busy with cute unique crafts that will serve extraordinary purposes in your home.

Whether you’re flying or on a road trip to your holiday destination, you can use the trip time to get around some sewing tasks. On the plus side, you won’t feel bored in the car, and you’ll be glad you took the time to do it. 

If you live in the US, you should know that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set guidelines for those traveling with sewing kits. So, If you plan on carrying a sewing machine with you on a flight, make sure it’s a portable one. Place it right in its packaging before putting it in your luggage, so it’s very secure.

Then when you’re at the airport, you’ll have to check in that luggage. But if your sewing machine is very small and lightweight. Then you can pack it in your hand luggage and check it in with you. Also, TSA states that scissors carried on board the plane must be blunt and less than 4 inches. You cannot carry a circular thread cutter, so use a nail cutter to replace this. 

You should know that these rules vary for different flights. If you are traveling domestically, you should be okay with checking your lightweight sewing machine in your hand luggage. However, if you’re traveling internationally, this rule may change. You can find a complete guide here on what TSA allows you to bring on a flight.

20 Best Hand Sewing Projects To Do While Travelling

There are many mini hand sewing projects you can engage in to keep your hand busy while you’re traveling.

1. Pin Cushion

You can make a small snail pin cushion for all your sewing needles and pins. It can also serve as a cute toy for kids. This stuffed snail cushion is made of fabric scraps and materials.

You can download the printable PDF pattern here on Etsy. It is a small project that can be easily hand stitched on any trip. Prepare all your materials and keep them in your bag before your flight. When you’re on the plane, you can sew as many snail cushions as you like. It will also be a great gift to give a loved one.

2. Wool Felt Stuffed Animals

Wool felt stuffed animals are great little projects you can sew while on a trip. Wool felt is soft and merciful to your fingers. And since you’ll be hand sewing, you’ll enjoy the ease of the fabric.

Create brilliant little animals from colorful wool felted fabrics. You can download a printable PDF pattern for any animal of your choice here on Etsy. Before your trip, prep your materials and cut your fabrics and place them in your bag, so you can easily access them while traveling.

3. Make a Fleece Blanket

Make a fleece blanket while you’re on a trip! You can hand sew a decorative trim on the edge of a fleece blanket to add more flair and character to your blanket. Simply cut the material for your fleece blanket before your trip and keep it in your bag. The edges of a fleece blanket will not fray when cut.

All you need to do is sew the edges together with bright and bold sewing patterns. You can customize your name on it or even draw a flower. The choice is yours. On the plus side, You’ll have a new unique blanket that will keep you warm while you’re travelling. 

4. Little Owls by Strawberry Art Studio

Make cute little owl soft toys. You can hand sew this cute animal soft toy which will look great as a decorative ornament in your garden. It can also be an excellent toy for kids.

You can download the printable Pattern here and cut out the size you desire. Follow the step-by-step guide, using any fabric of your choice. Prep your fabrics before your flight and follow the guide to hand sew your new animal friend.

Little Owls by Strawberry Art Studio

5. Easy DIY Felt Coasters by Jessyratfink

Make your new favourite coffee or tea felt coasters! Felt is an amazing colourful fabric that does not fray, unlike woven materials. It is also soft to the touch, which makes it suitable for hand sewing.

It is the perfect fabric for a sewing project while travelling. Simply cut your desired shapes from the materials. Then prep your hand sewing kit before your trip to make it easier to sew. Pack all your sewing tools in your bag and make new cute coaters while you’re on your trip.

Find the instructions here

6. Felt iPhone Envelope

For this project, all you need is a fleece material and needles and thread for a blanket stitch. First, you’ll need to cut out the material for your base. Then cut out the flower-shaped designs that you will sew all over the envelope.

This small project is easy to craft. Make sure you cut out all the materials you will need before your trip. It’s important to prep your materials ahead of your holiday trip.

Find the instructions here for Felt iPhone Envelope

7. Easy Bow-Tie

You can make a fabulous bowtie for your cat, kids, or partner by following these quick and easy steps here. This sewing craft can be hand sewn and done in a few hours. Choose a nice material for your bowtie.

Then prep and cut your materials before your trip, so it’s easy for you to sew while you’re on holiday. 

Baby Beanie with Top Knot

Make a baby beanie with a top knot. This project is fun and easy. It can be handsewn, so you can do it while on a trip. It is the perfect project for pregnant women or those who have kids.

Even if you don’t have kids, it will be a fantastic baby shower gift for your friend. Handmade with love and care. Follow this guide; it will walk you along the process of cutting the patterns for the fabric. It’s a small project that won’t take up most of your time. it is also portable enough so you can do it anywhere.

Baby Beanie with Top Knot

9. DIY Drink Holders

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own cute and colorful drink holders while you’re on vacation? You can take the time to do these mini-tasks while you’re on a road trip. It will help you pass the time, and you’ll have cute new drink holders to spice up your holiday experience.

Follow the instructions here on how to prep your materials before your trip. This mini sewing project can be handsewn, so do not fret.

10. Swaddling Blankets and Baby Headbands

You can make cute swaddling blankets and baby headbands for your newborns. Pregnancy is a great time to hone your sewing crafts, and this is the perfect mini project for expectant mothers.

You can select any fabric of your choice and hand-make your baby’s first blankies! Even if you aren’t pregnant, this can be a wonderful project for you. You can save it for when your little one comes, or you can gift it to a friend. This sewing project is easy to make and requires little demand. Perfect, to make on a long trip.

Swaddling Blankets and Baby Headbands

11. DIY Drawstring Sunglasses Case

You can make your very own sunglasses case! This sewing project is entirely DIY, and you can hand sew—the perfect project for when you’re on vacation.

You can also add a drawstring to make it extra secure. Follow the patterns and guide here to create your new case.

Check out the instruction for DIY Drawstring Sunglasses Case here

12. Eye Mask

Making an eye mask is the perfect little sewing project to do while you’re on holiday. It requires very little fabric, and you can hand sew in a few hours.

You’ll only need to prep your fabrics ahead of your trip and arrange your sewing kits for the project. Next, select your material and follow the patterns and instructions here. To ensure you come out with great results.

13. Drawstring Bag

Well, this is another perfect mini-project to do while travelling. It is small and can be hand-sewn. You can gift it to a friend or use it when you buy snacks while you’re on holiday! It will come in very handy.

Select a nice fabric and follow the instructions and patterns to create your cute new snack bag.

Check out the tutorial here

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