14 Easiest Sewing Patterns To Follow

Sewing patterns range in skill level and can often be more complicated than the finished garment so it can be hard to choose a sewing pattern that fits your skill level.

If you are a beginner or getting back into sewing and looking to boost your confidence by creating something simple I have you covered. Even the most experienced of sewists like to create something simple every now and then.

The easiest sewing patterns to follow are those which are simple in shape, only require a small number of pieces and are best suited to simple and straightforward fabrics. Here are my top easiest sewing patterns to follow.

14 Easiest Sewing Patterns To Follow

Whether you are looking for a simple garment to make or looking at a simple sewing pattern to get you started.

These aren’t just simple and easy to follow but also fun to make.

1. The Ultimate Shift dress By Sew Over It

Something that really works well for beginner sewers is a straight forward pattern and one of these is a shift dress.

Due to the style of the garment being quite straight forward with no real frills, complicated seams or fastenings it is perfect for those just starting out.

Image: Sew Over It

Sew Over It have created a great sewing pattern with easy to follow instructions and clear directions along with tried and tested fabrics for the project.

The garment is lovely to make and suits many different shapes and figures which I love. There are even a couple of hacks over on their blog to show you how to change it into a top and even make it suitable for maternity wear.

For more information or to purchase the Ultimate Shift Dress by Sew Over It click here.

2. Coco By Tilly And The Buttons

Tilly and the buttons is pretty much known for having great stylish sewing patterns which are simple and easy to follow and do.

I am in a sewing group and many of the people who are just getting started are looking for simple and easy sewing patterns to follow and there is always so many who recommend the Coco top and dress.

Image: Tilly And The Buttons

Depending on your machine and the confidence you have as a sewists may differ on this one. The recommended fabrics are knit fabrics which not everyone will want to tackle straight off the bat.

If you are looking to branch away from safe cottons and linens and want to try your hand at knit fabrics, this is a great sewing pattern to start with. There is also extended information on Tilly and the buttons website to add a sixties-style collar or even make it into a dress.

You can the link to buy and read more about this pattern here.

3. Scout Tee By Grainline Studios

Though I haven’t quite got round to trying out the Scout Tee by Grandline Studios myself yet, it always comes highly recommended.

The t-shirt is a simple straight forward top, with shirt capped sleeves and is fitted at the shoulders and begins to loosen after the bust.

Image: Grainline Studios

The pattern is simple and easy to follow perfect for beginners or someone looking for a nice simple t-shirt style pattern.

While you have to set in sleeves for this pattern, it is much easier and a great garment to practice on. What I really like about this pattern is you can use a number of fabrics and prints to really make it any you want.

For more information or to purchase the Scout Tee by Grainline Studios click here.

4. The Silk Cami Top By Sew Over It

The silk cami is a wardrobe staple and is so simple and easy to do. All the seams are finished off so you don’t have to have any scary raw edges on the inside and it is beautifully finished off.

What I like the most about the silk cami is the diversity it has even though it is a simple sewing pattern.

Image: Sew Over It

You can really make this into something comfortable and toned down for the daytime and make it again in something more colourful or glitsy for an evening.

The instructions are very easy to follow and clear which is perfect if you are just getting back into sewing or are just starting out. I personally love a good cami too for hot summer days so this my go-to for those styles of tops.

For more information or to purchase the Silk Cami by Sew Over It click here.

5. The Cleo Pinafore and Dungaree Dress By Tilly And The Buttons

Another fan favourite from Tilly And The Buttons is the Cleo Pinafore dress. In the early release of this dress it caused a wave of excitement in the sewing community and it is clear to see why.

This is another great easy and simple sewing pattern by Tilly And The Buttons. If you are looking for something a little more intense without actually been stressful this is a great seiwng pattern to try out.

Image: Tilly And The Buttons

I have seen many people creating colourful and exciting pinafores from a range of fabrics. This is another pattern which is great to try out if you want to experiment with a new fabric, as this requires fabrics such as cordaroy and denim.

What makes this sewing pattern a little more complicated or atleast a level up if the button fastenings for the straps. If you really don’t want to take on that challenge but want to create the dress, sew them directly to the top.

The core design and style of this sewing pattern is pretty straight forward and simple which is why I chose it to be on the list. What I like about this is that it is slowly easing you into different techniques and fastenings.

To find out more information or to purchase the Cleo Pinafore by Tilly And The Buttons click here.

6. Amélie Square Neckline Dress By Simply Sewing Magazine

The Amelie square neckline dress is a super cute dress to make perfect for a number of different seasons. This is a pattern that was created and sold in Simply Sewing Magazine.

This pattern comes with easy to follow instructions and is great for people who are building up their skills in sewing.

Image: Simply Sewing Patterns

The dress has a stylish and chic fit and flare feel and is timeless and would look lovely in a number of prints.

The recommended fabrics are cotton, cotton lawn, light to medium-weight woven fabrics and rayon. These are all great fabrics for beginner sewers to start with which makes this an easy sewing pattern to do.

For more information or to purchase the Amelie Dress sewing pattern click here.

7. Stevie Tunic By Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly And The Buttons has made the list again and rightly so because the Stevie Tunic is just amazing. It can be made up in so many fabrics and look so good on so many shapes and sizes.

Image: Tilly And The Buttons

The tunic is a straight shape down and resembles a t-shirt style and chic rolls sleeves at the top. It is really simple to follow pattern and doesn’t require zips, inset sleeves or darts.

What is even better is that you can adapt the pattern with the help of Tilly And The Buttons blog to make it into a top with a cute pocket.

To find out more information or to purchase the Stevie Tunic by Tilly And The Buttons click here.

8. Jain top and dress By I AM Patterns

Though this is from a French website and designer this is a wonderfully simple sewing pattern. The simple shape and loose fit make for perfect sewing as it doesn’t require any fastenings or darts.

Image: I AM Patterns

There are also small details in the sleeves and slightly v on the neckline to create an added feminine touch.

What I really appreciate with this sewing pattern is the amount of information given to give you the best start to your project from the recommended fabrics, how much fabric is required and the sizing conversions chart.

For more information or to purchase on Jain Top By I AM Pattern click here.

9. Ogden Cami By True Bias

Cami’s and vest tops are just so simple to sew and can be a great beginner project. The ogden cami by True Bias is no different, it is simple, straightforward and stylish.

This is a perfect garment to make especially in spring and summer ready to wear to a BBQ and out for drinks with friends.

Image: True Bias

You can add a little trim to the hem to add a little more detail or make it look more intricate.

Be sure to check your measurements against the guide before cutting out your pattern as it is an American based sewing pattern so the sizing is different from those in the UK and Europe.

For more information or to purchase the Odgen Cami by True Bias click here.

If you are looking for more hints and tips on sewing patterns be sure to check out my Sewing Patterns page where I have everything from hints and tips to helpful tutorials.

10. Rae Skirt By Sewaholic

The Rae Skirt is a really simple sewing pattern for an elasticated skirt. Skirts are one of the easiest garments to sew as they can often be two panels sewn together with a waistband.

What makes this skirt super simple and beginner-friendly is that there are no fastenings and the skirt has an elasticated waist.

Image: Sewaholic

I love that this comes in two lengths perfect for any style and body shapes. You can wear it with tights in winter and boots or in bright pastel colours for summer and on holiday.

11. Jaimie Pyjama Bottoms And Shorts By Tilly And The Buttons

Everyone loves the thought of making their own pyjamas right? Well one of the first things I really wanted to make myself and something I made for my wife was a pair of pyjama bottoms.

While they are simple in structure and can be easily copied from an existing pair, you can find some great simple sewing patterns like this one.

Image: Tilly And The Buttons

Trousers can be tricky in a number of ways, getting the right leg measurements, which parts to sew together first and how to make the waistband.

Where this pattern is really simple and straight forward, no fancy frills or bells and whistles which I think many beginners would be looking for. This is also great if you just want a straight forward pattern for a pair of pyjama bottoms.

For more information or to purchase the Jaimie Pyjama Trousers by Tilly and The Buttons click here.

12. Peplum Top By In The Folds (Peppermint Magazine)

I actually found this pattern from someone posting that Peppermint Magazine had some free sewing patterns and I am never one to miss an opportunity to hoard MORE sewing patterns.

I scrolled through through the patterns and choose a couple I would really love to make. One of which was this super cute peplum top, I love peplums and easy to wear tops so this was a dream for me.

Image: In The Folds – Peppermint Magazine

I have made the pattern up as it is and also adapted it to create a super cute summer dress. It is easy to follow and easy to make up and just such a satisfying make.

What I love the most about this sewing pattern is that it doesn’t require any fastenings, zips, buttons etc. This makes it much easier for someone who is getting back into sewing or just started sewing much easier to do and complete.

For more information or if you wish to get the pattern click here.

13. Leila Dress By Simply Sewing Magazine

The Leila Dress by Simply Sewing Magazine was the perfect summer staple that combined class and sassy elegance with easy to wear clothing. Something I know I want to full my wardrobe with.

The dress is a jersey dress and so it makes a perfect introduction to sewing with jersey fabrics and expanding your knowledge on new fabrics.

Image: Simply Sewing Magazine

The basics of the dress are simple and the instructions are easy to follow so it is a perfect introduction into sewing with jersey and stretch fabrics.

For more information or to purchase the Leila Dress by Simply Sewing Patterns click here.

14. Montauk Trousers By The Fold Line

It can be really hard to find a stylish but simple pair of trousers and even hard to find the sewing pattern for them so when I find one I like to make sure I keep hold of it and recommend it to others.

The Montauk trousers by The Fold Line are both stylish and easy to wear and incredibly beginner friendly.

Image: The Fold Line

The trouser pattern is easy to follow and is great for those looking for a nice pair of trousers. These can be made into a variety of fabrics so don’t worry if you are still a little nervous about working with new fabrics.

They also have very little in terms of complicated seams or fastenings so you can concentrate on the fit and sewing of the trousers and build you your confidence before moving on.

For more information or to purchase the Montauk trousers sewing pattern by The Fold Line click here.

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