6 Amazing DIY Felt Christmas Decorations – Ornaments, Garlands & More!

I haven’t met a crafter who doesn’t love Christmas, it is truly a time where people come together and create something fun, cute and enjoy doing it. It is one of my favourite times of the year and I love being able to share my crafty nature with those I love (though I am sure my nieces and nephews dread it!).

Christmas is a time where people have stored up ideas and unleashed them like a whirlwind of snow and it can be so much fun to try out new things, create new decorations or just revamp some you already have. What I love the most about this time of year is that many decorations that we make, come back out year after year and become as much of our festive memories as anything else.

Felt is an extremely versatile material and can be used in a number of ways from making ornaments, tree decorations and even garlands. This can be through using needle felting techniques, felt squares to cut and glue or even using the technique called wet felting.

I decided to put together this handy guide of X amazing DIY felt Christmas decorations so you can pick and choose a number of DIY’s you want to do over the festive period. These can be things you make alone, with friends or even children. I also love that many of these can be used as gifts to friends and family or even little stocking fillers for your own children.

1. Felt Christmas Stocking Garland

I love Christmas stockings and love putting out our large ones every single year. Christmas stockings whether they are used for small gifts and treats or just for decoration purposes are great, they look nice and add that extra level of festivities.

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I love making things from felt and so I wanted to add a little colour with these super cute Christmas stockings on a ribbon. This DIY is super simple to follow, create and hang up to decorate a space within your home.

2. Felt Gift Tags

Does anyone else get fed up of using paper gift tags and having to buy them every single year? I know I do so something I did was to create my own. I decided to use a fairly cheap material with felt as it also gave me the best structure.

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I found these felt gift tags really easy to make, super fun and they look adorable. You can change up the colour and even the decoration to suit what you like from Christmas trees, snowmen or even reindeer.

3. Felt Mistletoe Christmas Wreath

I love love love a Christmas wreath whether it is artificial, fabric or real and I just love being able to put them around the house, outside and give them to friends and family as gifts.

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I even like making little wreaths to use as decorations within the home, that is where I got the idea for making this super cute felt mistletoe Christmas wreath.

This DIY is super easy to do, it is quite relaxing to put together so it is perfect for cosy nights in front of the fire and can look great in any colour.

4. Felt Christmas Garland

Garlands like tinsel are a great way of decorating spaces such as tv stands, fireplaces and even staircases. We love decorating the house for Christmas and is always something we treasure doing together. I like to have a little bit of Christmas in every room so you can feel the festive glow everywhere you go.

After trying to find something for our tv stand, I came up short. Most of the garlands I found were too expensive, not reusable or they were far too bulky for what space we had. So after sitting and looking at alternative decorations I decided to make my own.

Felt Christmas Garland

I found a really easy way to create stability for the garland without making it so rigid it would be a nuisance. Using wire as a base and building on top of that I could give myself the flexibility of using the garland anywhere in the house.

This tutorial is super easy to follow, you can use any colours you want and you can make it as long or as short as you want. That is the beauty of this project, I also really like that you can get your children involved with most of the make too so it can be a great family project.

5. Felt Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths made with felt are not just easy but fun, they are extremely adaptable and can last year after year. What I love most about this craft is that you can get everyone and anyone involved and really build a beautiful wreath to place in your home, outside or even on your interior doors.

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This tutorial is super easy to follow, simple and great for anyone looking into felt crafts or new to crafting all together. The step by step layout makes it easy to follow the steps and keep up with what is being done.

Look at adapting the colours, style or even add in some berries, flowers or snowflakes to add another dimension to your wreath, better yet make it personal to you with your family name around the bottom.

6. Felt Christmas Cookie Tree Ornaments

After spending all my time decorating the house with homemade felt decorations I didn’t really have anything to put on the tree apart from our store-bought ornaments.

One day I saw some Christmas style cookies and fell in love, they looked so delicious but too pretty to eat. Then I had the idea of creating the same style of cookies into felt, stuffing them and adding a piece of ribbon so you could look at the delightful cookie style ornaments on the tree.

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This craft is perfect for those who like to create intricate details and fun little projects as you can make these as animated as you like. You could even change out some of the decorations for other objects or beads to add a different element or dimension to the finished product.

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