6 Best Sewing Machine Oils That Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Oil serves a very important function in your sewing machine. There are multiple moving parts in a sewing machine, which makes it significant for you to service it regularly through oiling.

Essentially, oil makes your machine to function effectively and, as a result, allows you to have quality results from your sewing projects as well as extending its life.

How Often Should I Oil My Sewing Machine?

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself whether your sewing machine needs oiling or not.

There are machines that need oil while others don’t. If you are not sure, just check your sewing machine’s manual to know whether you should oil it.

If you find out that you have to oil it, it’s advisable that you do so every time that you remove dust.

Does Sewing Machine Oil Go Bad?

The simple answer to this question is that yes, sewing machine oil goes bad.

However, it’s important for you to know that if you store it well, it can stay for a much longer period of time. Normally, sewing machine oil can stay in a good condition for up to 5 years if well taken care of.

The problem comes in when you fail to store it as you should. Of course, if not stored properly, its lifespan will reduce and it will go bad. The following signs will show you that oil has gone bad:

  • Sludge accumulation
  • Color change
  • Strange smell
  • Sedimentation
  • Too much noise from your sewing machine

What Kind Of Oil Should I Be Using?

This is a good question because not all oils are ideal for your sewing machine. You should only use oil that is meant for sewing machines.

This oil is usually clear and doesn’t have any smell. Its viscosity level is light.

Also, it does not accumulate on the gears of your machine. You can’t confuse it with any other because it is labeled as sewing machine oil.

You should avoid using cooking or car oil because it will block gears and spoil the cloth material in your machine.

6 Best Sewing Machine Oils

These are the top in the market for using on sewing machines. I wanted to recommend products that are specialised and specific for sewing machines as I didn’t want anyone to buy an oil that wasn’t suitable.

Here are my recommended sewing machine oils, these may differer from UK to USA markets.

Gunold Sewing Machine Oil Pen

Gunold sewing machine oil pen is a good choice for your machine’s oiling needs. Once in a while, you will need to lubricate your machine for smooth functioning.

The challenge that comes with some of the parts of a sewing machine is that they are hard to reach. That is where this oil pen comes in handy. It will enable you to reach those hard-to-reach parts and make sure that they are oiled as required.

For example, you need to regularly oil the thread take-up lever so that it can work smoothly. Consider this oil to ensure that all parts are oiled sufficiently.

Prym Sewing Machine Oil Pen

This is a white oil product you can rely on to oil and maintain your sewing machine. Since it is acid and resin-free, you can use it as the oiling product of choice for your machine.

The good thing with it is that you can also use it to lubricate other appliances and it will work just fine. The bottle contains 20ml of oil. The bottle’s design makes it easy for you to apply oil to parts of a sewing machine that are hard to reach.

This is a big advantage because you are able to service your sewing machine fully for optimum functioning.

Hemline Sewing Machine Oil

You can use this oil for your machine as well as for general use. If you notice that your sewing machine needs oiling, you can consider using this product for the production of quality work.

Additionally, you can use it to lubricate other appliances at home. It is easy to apply this oil on your machine. The bottle has a long nozzle that makes it possible for you to apply on your machine with ease.

A bottle contains 20ml of oil. With this oil, you will be able to keep your machine running smoothly for quality sewing projects. It is highly reliable.

Singer Sewing Machine Oil

The good thing with this oil is that it comes from one of the most popular brands in the sewing industry.

Having been manufacturing sewing machines for many years, most people see the company’s oil as a reliable choice. You can use the oil for your home sewing machine to improve its functionality.

Another major advantage with this oil is that you can use it to lubricate other home appliances. It is a multi-use oil product that will give you quality results.

Additionally, it is easy to apply. The bottle has a long nozzle that you place on the part that you want to oil and then squeeze the oil evenly.

Helmar Colonial 29 Machine Oil

This is another oil brand that you can use for your sewing machine as well as other appliances at home.

You only apply a little oil to the part that needs oiling, meaning that you can use it for a longer period of time, if you store it well. It is easy to clean if it spills on another surface other than the part you are oiling.

Furthermore, it is non-toxic sewing machine oil. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if it spills on your skin when applying it on your machine.

Additionally, it is premium grade oil, thus making it a great choice for your sewing machine.

Lily White Sewing Machine Oil

This sewing machine oil brand is highly refined and non-detergent. Due to its low level of viscosity, it is a suitable option for machines with high speed.

It doesn’t leave grease or stain marks on fabric upon coming into contact with it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when using it on parts that come into contact with your cloth.

If you are considering buying Lily White sewing machine oil, you can buy the one-gallon bottle. When applying, you will need to use a small bottle so that you apply it well.

You can refill once you have used it all and be careful not to spill it on your body.

It is evident that sewing machine oil is important for effective functioning of your machine.

Using the right oil for your machine will enable it to stay in a good condition for a long time as well as protecting your fabrics from damage.

Therefore, pick a sewing machine oil of your choice and remember to always store it properly.

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