6 Best Sewing Rulers | For All Types Of Sewing

If like me you like to build up your sewing supplies and slowly gather together useful and quality items you might be looking to extend your sewing box to include some of these items.

I love using rulers as they are extremely helpful for a number of different types of sewing and can really change your sewing from good to marvelous and they have definitely had a positive effect on my work.

Here are my top 6 sewing rulers, from patchwork and quilting to garment making and more!

6 Best Sewing Rulers

These rulers are great for a number of different crafts and cutting techniques so even if you think you might not need it for the niche of sewing you are in, you might be surprised!

1. EZ Quilting Ruler Long

I have this exact ruler and love it, I use it for a number of different sewing projects and it comes in useful for many things.

These rulers are primarily used for quilting and patchwork projects but since having mine I found it so fun and useful for other projects to create nice sharp cuts, equal lines and it made my work much better.

I recommend this ruler as it very versatile, easy to use, and clear to read the numbers.

2. EZ Quilting Square Ruler

Thiis ruler is very similar to the larger above but in square format. I primarily got this for small patchwork projects and love it. While I don’t get as much patchwork done as I might like to, it defintely comes in handy when I need it.

The plastic is nice and sturdy but won’t break unless you really try to. It also has really clear markings which can be seen on both sides of the plastic which I love as previous rulers often fade on one side making it harder to read.

I also love the

3. L Shape Square Ruler

L-shaped rulers are great for dressmaking and general sewing. L-shaped rulers are perfect for helping keep your cuts at right angles and keeping your cuts nice and square.

I found this the most useful when squaring off fabric before creating cuts for patchwork pieces and when cutting squares or rectangles for home DIY projects. There is nothing worse than realising yoru project goes off on a diagonal half way through it.

Using an L-shaped ruler can help you stay at right angles, stay neat and give you better cuts overall. This is also great for sewing in general as it can really help create neat edges and even cuts.

4. Prym Curved Rule

Curved rulers are a great advantage to sewing clothing, making your own sewing patterns, and sewing alterations. These are great for grading curved seams, creating armholes and helping create simple curved lines in patterns.

Curved rulers are definitely a must-have if you are altering paper patterns, patterns you have drafted, or even looking to draft up your own patterns. This will help you create smooth curves, create realistic curves of the body and give you great guidance on creating body curves.

5. Sew Easy Patchwork Dresden Template

This template is loved by many in the quilting and patchwork community as it helps create flowers, circular shapes, and more. It helps to create a petal like motion that can be used in a block or appliqued on.

This is definitely a great way of creating lovely flower or circular arrangements. The ruler or template is very easy to use and follow with clear instructions.

6. EZ Quilting 60 Degree Triangle Ruler

Triangle rulers are great for a number of different projects, not just patchwork and quilting. One of my personal uses is to use the template to create bunting as they create great size triangles.

The EZ triangle ruler is perfect for a number of crafts and it is super easy to use and again is very versatile.

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