6 Best Thimbles For Hand Sewing

Thimbles have been used to protect our fingers when sewing for thousands of years, one was even discovered to be used by the Romans and was found in Pompeii. Though the first to be made official as a sewing aid was in England in 1695.

I have had a love/hate relationship with thimbles mainly because I could never find the right one, until I decided enough was enough and went on the search for a thimble that worked fr me.

Sewing without a thimble isn’t just tough on your hands it can be damaging to your work too (not to mention the accidental blood stains you have to get out). I never got along with the standard metal thimble and only saw it useful to the Borrowers as furniture (anyone else remembers that film?!)

Whether you are looking for a thimble for beadwork, hand quilting, patchwork or tailoring you are sure to find a thimble or two that will work for you on this list.

6 Best Thimbles For Hand Sewing

1. Clover Protect & Grip Thimble

The Clover protect and grip thimble is set in the traditional style of a thimble but with a more comfortable twist. Something that many users find hard about traditional metal thimbles is that they are rigid and hard to work with when you need flexibility.

With the Clover protect and grip thimble you get the hardtop to protect the tip of your finger with the rubber edging that supports your finger. The rubber part that sits around your finger gives you more flexibility and movement when sewing.

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2. Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble

The Dritz soft comfort thimble is the perfect pick for anyone looking to find a supportive, comfortable and effective thimble. The thimble is mostly made from rubber making it super easy to wear, move and sew in and also care for.

The soft comfort thimble is perfect for a number of sewing techniques from patchwork, embroidery and beadwork. If you are working on really heavy materials or lots of layers you might want to trade out for a tougher thimble such as the Clover leather series.

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3. Colonial Thimble Pad

The Thimblepad isn’t technically a thimble but a pad in which stick to your fingers to create a protective layer. They are great if you find thimbles too restrictive in your finger movements.

The drawback is that they aren’t protecting the whole tip of your finger and just one direct spot. The massive benefit is the freedom you get using these over traditional thimbles. I would say these are perfect for anyone struggling to wear a thimble but still wants protective for their finger tips.

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4. Clover Leather Coin Thimble

Clover are a great brand for sewing and craft tools, one of my favourites is the Clover leather coin thimble. I love this as it has the comfort and flexibility of the leather around your finger with the added metal t the tip for tough jobs.

The leather thimble works well for a number of uses but I would recommend using this for tailoring, milinry or leather work as the metal tip really helps the needle push through the tough layers.

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5. Prym Ergonomic Thimble

The Prym Ergonomic Thimble is perfect thimble for anyone looking to upgrade from the standard metal but isn’t sure a leather thimble is for them. The Prym thimble is made of rubber so it is easy to wear, easy to sew in and easy to care for.

I really like the white surface that looks like a golf ball which is designed to catch the tip in the needle and give it a home to sit in comfortably.

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6. Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble

The Clover Natural fit Leather thimble is by far the best thimble on the market as it is easy to wear, highly protective and works well while sewing. The leather molds to your finger feeling like a second layer of skin making your life easier and seamless.

I also really like that you are covered at all angles so no matter what part of your finger is pushing the needle it is covered and protected. While this is one of the more expensive thimbles it is worth the money and they last a long time.

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