Are Ironing Mats Worth Using In A Sewing Room?

One of the biggest frustrations when sewing is having to run back and forth to the ironing board so why not elimate that and create a small but easy to use ironing station at your work space using an ironing mat?

Ironing mats are definitely worth using within a sewing room due to the flexibility they provide. Ironing mats create a safe table top ironing station perfect for someone needing to use their iron frequently and for short periods of time.

While it isn’t the most conventional ironing method and ironing mat can be extremely handy and useful in a sewing room. Below I will talk about the different ways and ironing mat can be used and whether they are worth using in a sewing room.

What Is An Ironing Mat?

Ironing mats are exactly what they sound like. They are fabric mats that you can lay out to iron clothes or fabric on, much like an ironing board. Unlike traditional ironing boards, ironing mats don’t weigh between 9-20 lbs. 

Ironing mats still have the essential characteristics of an ironing board that you want in order to iron fabric properly such as they easy to store and have a heat resistant layer.

Ironing mats are practical and useful for those looking to iron but have a small space to work with, need something lighter and easier to use than an ironing board or need something that can be left out and used permanently.

What Can You Use The Ironing Mat For?

As their name states, these handy mats are great to use for ironing, but you can also use them for at least one other purpose: as a pressing pad. 

Although wool is admittedly a much better material for pressing pads, an ironing mat can work as a pressing mat, especially the more insulated types.

This is because the steam you put into the mat will be repelled by the mat and come back to the fabric you’re pressing so that it’s almost being pressed from both the iron and the mat.

You can use ironing mats for clothing and smaller fabric projects – basically anything that can fit within the circumference of the mat.

What Are Ironing Mats Good For?

Ironing mats are perfect for a lot of uses in a sewing room as they are easy to leave out on a work surface, they work well in small spaces and are flexible to where they can be used.

I found that ironing mats can be used for ironing clothing, small sewn garments and small pieces of fabric (mostly depending on the size of your ironing mat).

Using an ironing mat in a sewing room means you can achieve quick and simple things from ironing seams, fabrics and preparing things such as interfacings.

An ironing mat is perfect for light crafts, patchwork and quilting along with applique and general sewing. Basically anything that needs to be ironed and can fit within the surface area of your mat.

Some other great qualities of an ironing mat are;

  • Their thickness
  • Their heat-resistant materials
  • Their iron rests
  • Their size
  • The materials for the underside of the mat
  • Their easy portability

Are Ironing Mats Better Than Pressing Mats?

Personally I prefer to use a pressing mat, this is mainly due to wanting to use it for patchwork and quilting where pressing is needed to create crisp lines.

Though if you are looking for a cheaper option to the wool pressing mats you can use an ironing mat which will work just as well.

The advantages to using an ironing mat over the pressing mat is that they are easy to roll up and store. You can also use the ironing mat for any number of projects and fabrics whereas the pressing mat can be limiting with its uses.

Do Ironing Mats Work In A Sewing Room?

While ironing mats aren’t solid themselves like ironing boards are because they’re supposed to be rolled up, they can be placed on any flat, firm surface.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your wooden table or countertops because as long as your iron doesn’t run off the mat and hit the flat surface you’re using, the heat-resistant surface will absorb all of the heat. Some mats are even extra insulated to further protect the surface.

Many mats even come with iron rests so that you have a safe place to put down your iron and have reversible sides, one quilted, one flat so that you have a side for both thin and heavy fabrics. 

Ironing mats are a great addition to a sewing room for quick small ironing tasks for pressing seams to preparing small intricate folds such as pin tucks.

You can team a ironing mat with a mini iron to create a small ways to use ironing station which inevitably will make your projects easy and will save you from running to the ironing board and back.

Ironing mats are also perfect for anyone who struggles to put up and take down an ironing board or even use one as they are large and heavy. Ironing mats can give you the freedom to iron without the pain and frustration of using a large and bulky ironing board.

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