Are Wool Pressing Mats Worth Buying?

Sewing, in general, opens a lot of doors to ‘things’ you need and many you even want but it can be hard to know whether or not something is worth buying or even useful to your sewing room. One amazing gadget I bought for my sewing room was a wool pressing mat.

Wool pressing mats are worth buying if you are doing plenty of patchwork and quilting as it helps keep your fabric firm and flat while working with it. They are also handy if you are working on small intricate projects that require precise ironed seams.

I love using my wool pressing mat as it really helps create flat and firm pieces of fabric, perfect for patchwork projects. It also works really well with starch to create the ultimate patchwork pieces.

In this article, I am going to talk about what you can use a wool pressing mat for, whether they are. expensive or if they are even worth buying.

What Is A Wool Pressing Mat?

A wool pressing mat is a square or rectangular piece of felted wool that acts as an ironing mat. The heat from the iron is sent down through the fabric, through the wool mat and bounces back up to the fabric again, essentially wrapping the fabric in heat from both sides.

The double sided heat effect makes the mat perfect for creating crisp seams, edges and intricate details with most fabrics. It is almost like you are ironing the fabric from both sides.

What Can You Use A Wool Pressing Mat For?

You can use the wool pressing mat for pretty much any fabrics (except leather and oilcloth along with some others) and any project for which you would use an iron and ironing board.

Typically wool pressing mats are perfect for using with cotton fabrics within patchwork and quilting projects as they often required flat, stiff pieces of fabrics which this can create. You can use it for small projects like homewares and small DIY’s.

I also use mine on seams of clothing and even soft toy/teddy bear projects if I need to create crisp seams, tucks and pleats or even for applique.

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to use the pressing mat and you can use it on a number of different projects. It can also just be a great base for a tabletop ironing station to save you walking back and forth to the main ironing board.

Can You Get Different Size Wool Pressing Mats?

Yes, you can, though the most common size s 17″ by 24″.

There are 3 main sizes of wool pressing mats, the smallest you can get is 9″ by 9″, the middle size is 17″ by 17″ and the largest mat is 17″ by 24″.

Are Wool Pressing Mats Expensive?

Wool pressing mats are extremely affordable and can be bought in several places. The most common place to buy wool pressing mats is on Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy them in dedicated craft stores and in Hobbycraft.

Prices for wool pressing mats start around £8 – £9 for the smaller size mats at 9″ by 9″ and range up to £30 – £35 for the largest size mat at 17″ by 24″.

The wool pressing mats are affordable for those looking to add to their craft room and add a new level to their sewing structure.

Are There Alternatives To Wool Pressing Mats?

No, unfortunately not. There are other ways to press your seams and fabric but non that replace the wool pressing mat.

Items such as an iron and ironing board are great and still work wonders on crinkly fabrics and unruly seams but you cannot replicate the double sided ironing effect with a standard iron and ironing board.

Are Wool Pressing Mats Worth Buying?

In my personal opinion wool pressing mats are totally worth having, I don’t do much patchwork and quilting but I love using my pressing mat. I love it mostly because I can use it as a small ironing station on my desktop which makes sewing much easier, especially when needing to tame seams.

Wool pressing mats are only worth buying if you spend a lot of time ironing to get a seam flat or to get the fabric to be stiff for patchwork. Alternatively, if you don’t sew much or even dabble in patchwork you may find the mat useless to you.

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