DIY Disney Rope Coasters – Perfect Mickey Inspired Decor

I love all things Disney so it is no surprise that I like to get a little creative and make some Disney inspired home decor. These DIY Disney rope coasters are perfect for any space and any colour decor as they can be adapted to fit in anywhere.

I also really love decorations and crafting projects that are beautiful and purposeful, I just recently gave away a set of coasters as they no longer brought me joy and so it was the perfect time to get crafting and bring in a new set of coasters.

These DIY Disney rope coasters are super simple to do and can be made up in the afternoon. They are also really fun to create with friends or even your children, though make sure you are in charge of the glue gun!

Tools & Equipment

Before you get started reading through the list to make sure you have all the tools and equipment you need.

You don’t want to be running to the store halfway through your project!

  • Nautical Rope (rope) x 2 roughly 1/2 inch thick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Twine or thin yarn in your choice of colours.
  • Clear Tape


No matter what colour scheme you are looking to follow you can create these super cute DIY Disney Rope Coasters for any space in your home.

These are super cheap to recreate and even better if you love having a little DIY or craft project to try out. If you were to buy these in a store they would cost double if not triple the cost of the materials alone.

Step One

To make the large sections of the coaster you will need to cut 2 (two-foot lengths) of the nautical rope and 4 (8-inch lengths, for the ears).

The large section will create the face outline of your Disney Mickey coaster and the 2 smaller circles will create the ears.

Make sure to use a clear tape of glue to hold the loose ends of the rope together, this will stop the raw ends of the rope from unravelling and becoming quite hard to deal with in later steps.

Using tape is easier as it can wrap around the raw edge to hold the fine strings of the top together.

Step Two

Next cut 6 inch sections of the bakers’ twine (I cut about 16 of each color). You can use any colour you want, I chose yellow and blue to follow a nautical feel.

You can swap these colours for any others you wish to use from pink, green or traditional black and red.

Step Three

Start by wrapping the twine around the nautical rope, it will end up being about ½ inch long (at least mine was).

Make sure to tie this off to stop unravelling at you work the rope into a ring or use a dab of glue to hold the lose end in place.

Step Four

Then add glue to the side of the nautical rope and curl it around.

Keep applying lines of glue and wrapping the rope around itself, wrap the sections of the twine sporadically around the coaster.

Step Five

Once you have created the main coaster, complete the same process for the ears.

Make sure to keep the ears smaller than the main coaster to make them look proportionate and even.

Remember to keep placing glue on as you curl and wrap the rope around itself, make sure it stays flat and doesn’t bulge or overlap in any areas.

Step Six

Once you have created the 2 ear pieces and the main face piece of the top coasters you now want to assemble them together.

Make sure the end pieces of your rope of the ears are being used to glue to the main part. That will help make the coaster last longer and stop any unwanted frying from the raw edges.

Lay the pieces in place first on a flat surface to get the correct spacing between the ears.

When you are happy with the layout glue them into place, try and glue them while they are laid flat so you can keep the distance between the ears even.

Make sure to hold them in place or give them a good amount of glue to create a strong bond. Leave to dry for a few minutes or until the glue is no longer sticky or warm.


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