Do Sewing Machines Come With Sergers

There is a wide variety of sewing machines on the market along with sergers, overlockers and cover stitch machines. Each is unique and does a different thing from the last one but you might be wondering if you can get a sewing machine with a serger.

You cannot find a sewing machine that comes with a serger as they are different types of machines and stitches. You can use a serger for many normal styles of sewing but not everything. You would be looking at having both machines if you were to require a serger.

In this article, I am going to talk about what a serger is and if you can get a serger and sewing machine combination and what you can do to achieve both.

What Is A Serger?

Whether you’re familiar with the world of overlockers and sergers but you need some guidance, or you are new to it and don’t even know what it is, this guide was made for you. We would be exploring all you need to know about sewing machines and sergers to get started.

Starting with the most important thing: what a serger is. A serger is used to trim the seam of fabric, and then enclose the edge of the fabric or the seam allowance in a thread casing. It might seem like a lot, but you can do this in one step when using a serger.

The device is also called an overlocker, so the words can be used interchangeably. When you buy a serger machine, it usually comes with different threading options.

There is the 2-4 thread serger which allows you to create a safety stitch and a two-thread overlocked edge on the fabric. You can also use the machine to make the stitches separately from each other, with two threads.

Next is the 3-4 thread serger, which functions with either three or four threads, depending on how strong and wide you want the seam to be. These serger machines usually come with a rolled hem capability when changing the throat plate. When making a rolled hem, the machine would roll the edge of the fabric to the underside before enclosing it with a thread.

Then, you can go for the 5 thread serger too, which is the most expensive overlocker out there but comes with all the possible seam capabilities. It has two threads for a straight seam line and three for the overlocked edge.

You also don’t have to worry about switching between machines for a seam finish and strong seam, unlike with other machines used in production work.

Do Sewing Machines Come With Sergers?

You can do some projects with a serger alone, but it doesn’t replace a normal sewing machine. It doesn’t do the job of a normal sewing machine like making zippers, buttonholes, facings, and topstitching. So, you might need a serger and a sewing machine.

But what if you could have both functions in one device at the same time? Most buyers would like to have a sewing machine and serger combo to do both functions. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible.

You won’t be able to find a sewing and serger combo in the market, but as the world of sewing continues to enhance, you would find different machines that would make the experience even better.

Even without a serger, some sewing machines allow you to make the overlock stitch by machine. They come with an overlock system that makes you create a faux overlock stitch.

This is a strong stitch that is created with the overlock foot of a sewing machine, and you can find out how to do it with your sewing machine when you check the manual. Some faux overlock stitches include overedge, pin, ladder, and double overlock stitch because they look like serged stitches.

But, making this type of stitches with a normal machine is time-consuming, and if you do it too often, you might end up damaging your needle system. So, it’s a much better decision to buy a serger and a sewing machine if you would be doing projects that require both of them and their functions regularly.

Can You Buy Sewing Machines With Sergers?

Except you’re buying the two units separately, then no you can’t. Since there are no devices that combine sewing machines with sergers, then you can’t buy them together. You would have to buy a sewing machine and a serger if you need the functions of both.

You don’t necessarily need to have a sewing machine and serger, but you would benefit way more from having the two devices, especially if you plan on doing different kinds of sewing projects.

There’s a lot that the sewing machine can do that the serger cannot do like buttonholes and zippers, but the serger also has different functions that the sewing machine does not feature.

A sewing machine of high quality is a must, but you can add extra features and gain experience when you use the serger. If you’re a beginner, you should start with a sewing machine first before expanding to projects that include a serger. Over time, you would find the need to add a quality serger to our lineup.

You would also do great with a serger if you’re working with a lot of knits because it makes projects easier and faster to create.

If you’re sewing for professional purposes, like selling your projects, then a serger would also give your cloth a great look and leave you with finished edges.

Although you might not be sure of whether you need a serger or not, you might find yourself unable to do without it once you have one that complements your sewing machine. 

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