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Fabrics and tools are an essential part of sewing, these don’t have to be the be-all and end-all but they can definitely make your sewing projects easier, faster and overall better.

Fabrics are one of the hardest parts to grasp when learning to sew, I learnt everything to do with costume fabrics at university but had very little knowledge of other fabrics such as dressmaking, quilting and more.

So when I started to make clothes for myself and experiment more I took the time to learn about the other fabrics available, what they are good for and what projects they are better suited to.

The same goes for tools, not all tools are relevant for every project, some are better used for dressmaking while others are better for quilting and patchwork.

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In this area, I will cover everything from fabrics that are perfect for use with dressmaking, patchwork and quilting and general homeware projects. I will also talk about useful tools, what are the best on the market and what I think is worth adding to your sewing kit or not.

Each of my posts are easy to follow and will outline things you need to know about the products along with key information about what works well, what doesn’t and who I feel these tools would benefit – because remember you don’t need every single sewing item on the market.

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