How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Wondering how to make a felt Christmas garland?

I recently discovered the wonderful world of felt and I mean wonderful. I haven’t had this much fun crafting with a material for a long time. The thing I really enjoy about felt is that you can make anything from finger puppets to gift bags to ornaments.

There is so much versatility and you can sew it or glue which makes it perfect for a solo project or doing as a family. Which led me to using my leftover leaves from the felt Christmas wreath to make this matching felt Christmas garland.

Tools & Equipment

  • Scissors
  • Wire – optional as this can add a little more structure to the garland if you prefer.
  • Green felt – use one colour or many colours to add different effects and styles
  • Glue
  • Thread and a sewing needle.

How To Make a Felt Christmas Garland

I had some leaves left over from my felt Christmas wreath project and didn’t want them to go to waste so I looked at other festive decorations and found a garland. I decided to put my spare leaves to good use and make a decorative garland for the fireplace.

You can do this using a number of colours and even make it for different seasons such as Autum using reds and browns, Winter using white and icy blues and Spring using yellows and pastel colours.

This tutorial will make 1 meter of garland and requires around X leaves.

Step One

Start by measuring out your string/rope or felt to 35 inches. You can alter the length to be longer or shorter if you prefer but remember you will need more leaves to cover it.

Step Two

Cut out your leaf shape into paper, I was using a leftover bunch of leaves but used a standard shape to create my leaf.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Tip: If you are looking for leaf inspiration, run into the garden or park and pick up a couple of full fallen leaves. That way you can make your paper template from a real-life leaf and have a more natural look.

This is also a great way of getting the children involved and an excuse to go out leaf picking.

Once you have traced or drawn your leaf you can cut it out with paper scissors and put it to one side.

Step Three

Using your paper template start drawing on with a pen around the shape on your felt. Try and make sure the shapes are fairly close together so you can get as many leaves out of your felt as possible.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Tip: It can be quite hard to draw on felt with pens and pencil as the fibres of the felt move and make it more difficult. Use a gel pen as this will go on smoother and easier.

Cut out your leaves and place them in a pile to one side.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Felt is fairly easy to cut so if you don’t have fabric scissors, normal scissors should do just fine.

Step Four

Start by folding the bottom part of your leaf together. Hold the leaf between your finger and thumb and pinch together.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

This will give the leaf a little body so they don’t sit flat on your garland.

You can sew them with a needle and thread just to pinch the bottom together, sew them on the sewing machine or glue them together.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Repeat for all all of your leaves until they are all looking more 3D.

Step Five

Once all your leaves are dry and ready to be made into a garland take a piece of felt roughly 35 inches long. This will be the base in which you will glue on your leaves.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Tip: If you have a thick rope or thick string you can glue on your leaves to create a sturdier base instead of using felt.

That way you can keep going until you run out of leaves. Push them together to create a nice bushy style garland.

To successfully place your leaves you will want to alter the different angles so you can make it look more realistic and fun. Alter the way the leaf sits every time so it looks more natural.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

We can go back to strengthen the felt later on it is too long.

Step Six

When you have finished putting on your leaves make sure the glue is dry before moving onto the next step.

Then you want to go back and do another layer – only if you used one layer of thread. If you used thick thread or doubled your cotton thread you should be fine.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

I decided to add wire around the main stem of my garland to give it a little more body and stability. The is optional but you can just glue it to the base and curve the felt piece around it..

Step Seven

Add on little decorations like berries, bows or even a little dusting of white paint on the tips to make it look snowy and fun.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

Once you have finished, lay over your fireplace and decorate the surrounding area!

How To Make A Felt Christmas Garland

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a felt Christmas garland. If you have made other felt projects I would love to hear more about them.