How To Make A Felt Christmas Stocking Garland

Are you looking at how to make a felt Christmas stocking garland?

I love making things for Christmas, it is one of the happiest times to be creative (though any creative time is happy for me). There is so much you can make and people keep coming up with more and more fun things to do.

I think I have a strange obsession for bunting and garlands, I find them so satisfying to make and just want to make them in everything and in every way possible.

This tutorial and supplies make 12 stockings, you can half this, double it or make as much as you like.

Tools & Equipment

  • White Felt 30cm by 25cm piece
  • Red Felt 30cm by 25cm piece
  • String Or Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Template – or you can create your own ( I am terrible at drawing so I used a stock image I found on Google)

How To Make A Felt Christmas Stocking Garland

I love this idea of making something cute into a garland, I love stocking and only wish I had a traditional fireplace to hang them on so I decided to make some mini stockings so I cna hang them around the house instead.

What I like most about this craft is that you can easily replace the felt with paper or even fabric (though the fabric would need to be tough or backed with interfacing to make it stand)

Step One

Start by cutting out your template for your stocking. You can use the one I have linked to in the tools & equipment or you can draw up your own.

If you have drawn your own, make sure the top part of your boot is a little longer than you want, just so you can overlap the fluffy part onto the boot.

Make sure you cut the fluffy white top of the boot separate from the stocking itself, as you will be overlapping those later on.

Step Two

Cut out your stockings into your red felt. If you want to make production a little faster or you are doing this with smaller children. Use a pen or chalk pen to draw around the outline and then cut each one out.

That way you can cut a rough square around each one and let the children cut along the line of the stocking.

Do the same for the white of the boot. If you are using a pen make sure you can flip the felt over when glueing together later to hide the marks.

Step Three

Taking each of your stocking parts and mark two lines roughly 0.5cm – 1cm apart at the top. Make sure the marks are a little down from the very top as to not cut straight up completely.

These lines are going to create the channel in which the string will run through to create the garland effect.

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Use small scissors to create the gaps or use larger ones and fold the top of the stocking down horizontally, making sure the lines are exactly in the center.

Cut the two small slits into the stocking and repeat for each one. If you are doing this will children, I would suggest doing this bit yourself and handing back over the reigns.

Step Five

Using your glue gun put a couple of dots of glue along the top, sides and bottom, be careful not to glue the string in place as you want this to be able to move freely under the felt layer.

Place your white boot top ontop of the glue and give it a little press in place. Repeat for each stocking, make sure they are all facing the same way.

Though if you want to vary up the style and have them going different ways you can.

Once all your stockings have been topped with white fluffy felt you can arrange them on your string and hang them.

Step Four

Measure out the length of string/ribbon, I chose to make mine 40cm long to fit over my mum’s fireplace.

You can change the length of yours to whatever you decide and depending on where you want to use it.

Start stringing the felt stockings through using the gaps you just made. You can use an embroidery needle if you are using thin enough string to help you thread through the gaps.

Make two loops at the ends to hang up the garland once your done.

You can add bonus pieces to each one like the lettering to spell ‘Merry Christmas’ or put a name if they are for someone’s bedroom.

You can even add mini pegs along the string to use it as a Christmas card holder in your home. Even better you can change the size to fit your style from larger stockings to much smaller which can be super fun.

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