How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

Looking at how to make a felt Christmas Wreath?

Who doesn’t love being creative at Christmas? I also love the idea of having something fairly simple to make as it can be a very busy time for families with parties, seeing family, present shopping and school.

That is why I love this tutorial so much, it is easy to do and you can do this on a weekend ready to hang and use that same day. It is also a super fun creaft to get everyone in the family involved.

Tools & Equipment

  • circular base – this can be anything you have available from wire to cardboard.
  • Scissors
  • Matching Colour Thread – optional you can use glue instead.
  • Green Felt – I chose an olive colour as I wanted it to look toned down and natural.
  • Glue – I would advise using a strong glue as you want this to last a long time.
  • Red Felt – For a bow, this is optional or you can use fabric or ribbon instead.
  • Ribbon or string – to hang when it is complete.
How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

How to Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

There are so many different things you can make with felt and I honestly love using it. It is such as diverse material to use and so easy to make good hearted fun items with.

If you are looking to use up some scraps of felt I have a great tutorial on how to make felt Christmas Cookie ornaments that are easy to do and fun to make.

Step One

Start by making sure you have all your tools to hand. That way while you are creating you can easy grab something you need and not have to stop and disrupt your creative flow.

Step Two

Using a paper pattern of the leaf shape you want to use. I went for a pretty standard shape and use that for all my leaves as I wanted it to be fairly simple and straight forward.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

I decided to make my leaves 4 tall and 2 wide – as I used a leaf from the garden to create my template.

Tip: Look for fallen leaves in your garden or nearby park to use as a template. That way you can create real-life looking leaves from your felt.

This is also a great way of making this into a family craft and getting everyone involved.

Cut out 30 leaves into your felt and put to one side. If you are working with multiple colours you can divide the final amount into the amount of colours and go from there.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

If you have more leaves and want to use the rest of your felt up, why not making a matching felt Christmas garland.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

Leave your felt leaves to one side ready for the next step.

Step Three

Start by picking up a leaf and pinching one end together, this is going to create the natural shape of leaf.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

Either glue in the middle of the base of the leaf and pinch together to hold or you can sew it in place. Alternatively, you can use a couple of stitches at the base to hold the fold in place.

Step Four

Once you have finished doing this for every piece start layering them onto your circular backing. If you are using a solid form base like foam or cardboard you will find it easier to glue on the leaves one by one.

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I used a wire base and chose to cover it in felt to match the leaves and to give it a better base for the leaves to attach onto.

If you are using a wire base you may find it a little harder so a good tip would be to use a sheet of fabric or ribbon to wind around to give the wire base more structure and a base to glue the leaves onto.

Step Five

Carry on glueing your leaves to your base making sure you put them at slight angles to help give it a little more of a natural look.

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Any patches can be topped up by extra leaves or hidden with decoration.

Step Six

Once you are happy with your glued on leaves move onto decorating with a bow and ribbon.

I cut a piece of string 20 inches long so I can hang it on my door or you can use a door hook – we can never find one to fit outdoor.

I also made a red bow from red felt to glue to the top. I made the felt by cutting two strips of 1 1/2 inches wide for the tails. Cutting small triangles out the bottom.

How To Make A Felt Christmas Wreath

I then cut a long strip of 2 inches by 6 inches for the bow. Fold the raw edges to the back to meet in the middle. Glue in place and then cut a small strip of 2 inches long by 1/2 inches wide to wrap around the centre of the bow.

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Pull it tight to create a pleat in the bow, glue in place to hold the layers together. Glue on the two tails and then finally glue the bow to the top of your wreath.

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I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and easy to follow. If you have enjoyed learning how to make a felt Christmas wreath, feel free to share it on Pinterest or with friends and family.

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