How To Make A Felt Mistletoe Wreath

Are you looking at how to make a felt mistletoe wreath?

I am really enjoying having lots of time to create homemade christmas ornaments and decorations. I have never made time for this before in the past and always see things I want to make.

One thing I have wanted to make for years is my own wreath. I have looked at doing workshops and making real ones but I really wanted to make one that would last almost forever (forever if I can take care of it well enough).

I also really enjoyed other felt crafts to put up in the home at Christmas time such as another wreath (you can never have too many!) and matching felt garland.

Tools & Equipment

  • Scissors
  • Green Felt – any colour or shade is fine
  • White felt – to make the berries
  • Glue
  • Thread and needle – green and white
  • Paper
  • Foam circle or cardboard circle
  • ribbon or red felt to make a bow.
  • String to hang

How To Make A Felt Mistletoe Wreath

I wanted to make my wreath fairly small but you can make yours to any size that suits you and your home. I also love that you can use this as a hanging decoration or as a surround for a candle for the dining table.

Step One

There are a number of bases you can use from foam, carboard and wire.

If you are using a cardboard base start by cutting out your circle. Once you have cut it out cut out a smaller circle inside. Make sure the thickness of your cardboard circle is no more than 2 inches.

If you are using a pre cut foam circle you can move onto step two.

I made mine out of wire and covered it to give it a better base. I used tape to hold my layers together so the wire was strong before covering with felt.

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Bonus: If you want to and have spare felt or fabric you can cover the base to make it blend into the wreath more and can help you disguise any small patches later on.

Step Two

Draw a leaf shape into paper to use as a template. If you want inspiration or to make it look like a mistletoe leaf you can find easy outlines online to print out or use as a guide.

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Cut out your leaf shape into paper, I was using a leftover bunch of leaves but used a standard shape to create my leaf.

Tip: If you are looking for leaf inspiration, run into the garden or park and pick up a couple of full fallen leaves. That way you can make your paper template from a real-life leaf and have a more natural look.

This is also a great way of getting the children involved and an excuse to go out leaf picking.

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Once you have traced or drawn your leaf you can cut it out with paper scissors and put it to one side.

I made two sizes so that the leaves would overlap and look a little more natural on the wreath.

Step Three

Start by laying on your paper template on top of your green felt. Use a fabric marking tool, preferably a gel pen to start tracing around your leaf shape.

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Don’t forget to try and make your shapes as close together as possible so that you can get the most of our felt fabric.

Also biro’s are terrible for drawing on felt as they do more damage than good. They often pull and tear the fibres of the felt so look at using a gel pen or chalk pen to create your outlines.

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Once you have done drawing, cut out all your leaf shapes and place them to one side.

Step Four

Next you want to cut out the white felt to create the mistletoe berries.

Make sure you are cutting them to a size that matches and fits well with the leaf shapes.

Cut out the number you want to use in your wreath. I chose 12 amount of berries for my wreath.

Step Five

Taking your circular base and start gluing on your leaves. You don’t have to have any particular order but try and create bunches that look like mistletoe would, that way you can hide the gaps and joins with berries.

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Work your way around the wreath until it is covered and you are happy with the layout.

Step Six

Wait until the glue is dry on the leaf layer before adding any more to the wreath.

Once dry start gluing on the berries in place. I like to position 2 to 3 together to create a nice symmetry.

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Tip: If you don’t have white felt look at using small white pom poms. These made the wreath look more 3D and fun.

Scatter the white berries around the wreath to until you are happy. You can also scatter the odd 1 alone to make it a little more interesting and fun.

You can even get the children involved in deciding where things can go.

Step Seven

Once everything has been glued on in place and it is dry take a piece of string to loop through ready to hang.

You can use a decorative ribbon instead if you prefer.

Hang with pride on your door or in your home ready for visitors to come and marvel at your beautiful home craft project.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a felt mistletoe wreath. If you have any questions or want to know more about this tutorial leave me a question below.

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