How To Make Fabric Tinsel – The Perfect Christmas Scrap Project

Who doesn’t love getting crafty at Christmas? The run-up to Christmas is a great time to get crafty, with homemade cards, home-sewn presents and even DIY decorations.

I love everything about Christmas, from family time to the songs and even decorating the house to look like Santa’s grotto. It is a wonderful time to snuggle indoors together and do some easy DIY-ing.

I loved making this fabric tinsel and cannot wait to see it on my tree year after year. It is a perfect way to get everyone in the family involved and make something beautiful together.

Let’s look at how to make fabric tinsel!

Tools & Equipment

  • scissors or pinking shears
  • Twine or thin style rope
  • Fabric – you can use scraps or whatever you have available

How To Make Fabric Tinsel

As you might have guessed, this is tinsel like you can buy in the shops but it is made of fabric scraps. It is such a fun way of using up all those adorable Christmas themed scraps and creating something fun.

how to make fabric tinsel

We don’t ever work with a colour scheme on our Christmas tree, the more random the better actually. Our first ever ornament we bougth was on a trip to New York, we went into Barnes and Noble and found a Christmas Pickle which we still put on our tree every year!

My fabric tinsel is now one of those decorations that will be placed on the tree year after year and celebrated.

Step One

First you want to decide how long you want your tinsel to be.

If you are making one large strip of tinsel make sure you have enough rope/twine. Alternatively, you can create shorter strips to work on to use as layers on your Christmas tree or around the home.

Step Two

Then you want to begin collecting together your fabrics and scraps.

Make your fabric and scraps into long strips. You can do this by using a rotary cutter and cutting mat to create fast sweeping cuts or you can use pinking shears to create a funky decorative edge.

If you are using fabrics that are very prone to fraying I would use pinking shears to stop the weave from fraying, ensuring the tinsel has a longer life span.

Create a large pile of fabric strips ready to get started.

Step Three

Moving 2-3 inches down from the end of the twine/rope you want to start your first piece.

Taking each strip in your hand and tie it around the twine holding it in place with a knot.

Step Four

Repeat with the remaining strips.

You can be really fun and make it stripey with colours or let it be random and fun.

I chose to keep mine fairly random as I didn’t have an equal measurement of each fabric.

When you have tied on each piece make sure to push it down towards the other pieces to create a nice bunched affect.

It may look a little strange at first but once you get a few more strands tied on you will be able to see it come together.

Step Five

Once you have finished tying on all your strips tie a large knot in the end, to stop them from unraveling.

Trim the end of the twine and fluff up the tinsel.

It is now ready to drape around your house or to add fullness and texture to your Christmas tree!

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make fabric tinself and enjoyed this craft at home. I love this together with family and children and it is super easy so everyone can get involved. You could even make it into a family competition!

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