How To Make Felt Gift Tags (So Easy!)

Are you looking at how to make felt gift tags?

I have been purposefully saving my felt scraps from my other projects such as my felt wreath and felt garland to use for smaller projects and pieces so this was a perfect project to use them on.

I am working on using more of what I have and the leftover pieces and scraps before resulting to throwing away perfectly good pieces of abric. So I create a scrap bag to catch all my felt remanents to use at a later date.

I decided to use my felt scraps to create these super cute felt gift tags that you can make for any occasion fro brithdays to Christmas to new arrivals. You can add your own design and cut outs on.

You can also use this method to make fabric gift tags but may need interfacing to help give the fabric more stability and strength.

Tools & Equipment

  • Scissors
  • Glue – a hot or cool glue machine will be most effective to hold the layers together.
  • Thread & Needle – Glue alternative
  • Felt or Felt Scraps
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch – or you can use small scissors to make the hole.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

What I love the most about making the felt gift tags is that you can make them personal to a person or leave them quite plain so they can be used over and over again.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

While you might find plenty that you can’t quite place a name on I designed mine to have a photo pocket style corners that would hold a small piece of paper or card with your the recipients name on it.

That way it can still be personal to that person but can also be used again and again. You can even be cheeky and ask for it back!

Step One

Start by deciding the size you want your gift tags to be.

I chose to make mine 3 inches long by 2 inches wide.

I wanted to create the iconic shape of a gift tag to give myself plenty of surface area to work with and so I could include nice details for each occasion.

You can alternatively use any shape you wish to use to create your felt gift tags.

Remember if you are using your felt scraps then check the size of your scraps before deciding on a design and shape.

You will need to cut 2 sides to your gift tag especially if you want to create the photo corners to hold the name tag part of the gift tag.

Step Two

Pull out all your scraps that are large enough to use to create your base gift tag.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

Start cutting the amount of felt gift tags you want to make.

I managed to cut 12 pieces for my gift tags. I stuck to a Christmas theme as I saw some lovely ideas on Pinterest I wanted to try.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

Step Three

Once you have your pieces cut for your main pieces you will then want to take one piece of the two of each gift tag and mark on 4 lines diagonal across the corners.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

Using scissors carefully cut the lines but careful not to cut completely off eithe side to the edge.

Tip: Pin the felt piece together to help cut the line neatly and easily.

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You will also want to create a hole at one end or edge of the felt gift tag to thread through ribbon or string. Do this for both pieces of the gift tag.

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Step Four

Within this step we will make out decoration to go on our gift tags. This can be anything you want from fabric to felt to ribbon or buttons.

I chose to make holly leaves and berries to place on my gift tags for Christmas. I wanted to use up more of my scraps and smaller pieces so berries and leaves were a great size.

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You can add any number of details to these pieces. I chose to add stitch lines to represent the grooves and veins within leaves.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

Sew or glue your pieces in place onto your gift tags. Or alternatively, you can use fusible web to help fuse the layers together.

How To Make Felt Gift Tags

Step Five

The next step is to join the 2 pieces of your gift tags. Place together and sew together or glue in place.

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You can use anything from a sewing machine to sew them together, a straight stitch by hand or even a more decorative stitch like a blanket stitch.

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Step Six

Once you have attached your main gift tag pieces you are then ready to thread through your string or ribbon.

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I then made small pieces of card tags to fit in the photo slots I made earlier to make the gift tags more personal.

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I loved adding this part of the gift tag as I feel it makes these felt gift tags personal but can be used over and over again.

Once you have threaded through your ribbon you are done!

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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make felt gift tags. I would love to see what styles and designs you made and created.

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