How To Make Your Own Monopoly Board

Getting crafty and looking at how to make your own monopoly board can make two tasks from one project. You get to have the fun of making the board and get crafty and then have the fun of playing the game afterwards!

Monopoly is an ultimate family favourite with 100’s of different versions (probably more than that!) there is something for everyone. But we all know siblings love to natter and argue over the smallest of things… even the theme of the monopoly game. So why not make your own…

The bonus of making your own is that you can entertain the kids throughout the day making the day and then you can all enjoy the game later on in the evening. Everyone can help choose the names of the places and you can each choose your very own personal token to move around the board!

Let’s get into how to make your own monopoly board…

Tools & Equipment

  • Carboard no smaller than 18″ by 18″ – feel free to use what you can or even use a large cereal box.
  • Colouring pens and pencils
  • Monopoly money – you can create your own or download my free printable here.
  • Chance Cards – Create your own from paper/card
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Dice

Tip: If like me you have a self cutting mat use that as a base or use a tablecloth or old sheet to protect your surfaces from pen marks.

How To Make Your Own Monopoly Board

You can pretty much use any type of card or cardboard to create our monopoly board. There are no rules to this how-to guide, it is all about being creative and making something from what you have at home.

Step One

To create the right size board you want to measure an 18-inch by 18-inch square (46cm by 46cm).

Creating the measurements for how to make your own monopoly board.

Cut this out, don’t worry about the edges being too neat. It is all about having fun!

Step Two

Using a pencil measure a 3-inch ( 7.5cm) border around the edges. Start by measuring small intervals using the edge of the cardboard as your straight edge. Do this on all 3 sides.

Using your ruler join up those markers to create a solid line.

Step Three

To create the big 4 squares on the corners, continue to draw the line of your border to the very edge of the cardboard.

This will create the squares in which you will have your start here, jail and free parking.

To draw on the squares and segments that become your places such as the places you can buy, you will want to measure 4.5 cm along.

You should be able to create 7 boxes on all 4 sides.

Step Four

Create your tabs on the 4 other boxes on each side. This is the coloured box on the top of each “place.

Step Five

Get colouring!

Colour in your boxes, tabs and get creative. Here is a quick look at mine so you can see what goes where.

Here is a small diagram to show where you want to place things.

The coloured parts will be given names such as street names, places to visit or attractions.

Step Six

Outline your boxes and write on your headers for your places, roll again etc.

You can use a felt tip pen, sharpie or a biro. I chose to use a sharpie as it was more defined but you can use what you have to hand.

Start thinking about your coloured spots too. I chose to have a worldwide theme for my DIY game of monopoly. I had countires as the places to stop so I wrote in each box the different countries I had chosen.

Here is a couple of ideas to help you feel inspired:

  • Worldwide Theme
  • Sports Theme
  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Places in your town/city
  • Places around your home
  • Famous Landmarks
  • Disney Parks

You can get really creative as a family choosing your theme and creating your game around that.

The next step was to fill in the extra places, see the image below.

Step Seven

Draw in the Monopoly sign and 2 boxes big enough to fit cards (business cards) in. These will be the placemats for your chance cards.

I decided to call mine – Inside Our Suitcase and Holiday Upgrades. These cards are to be picked up when you land on that spot. You can have phrases like ” get out of jail free card’ etc.

Step Eight

Colour in the rest of your board, print off pictures to stick on the board to fit your theme and get creative!

I chose to draw little tokens on my squares but you can do anything from printing off pictures, using stickers or just colouring it in.

If you are looking for more crafts why not check out how to make a tin can penguin pencil holder.

Final Tips On How To Make Your Own Monopoly Board

  • Use tokens such as little figures, buttons and small household items to use as your counters o move around the board.
  • You can use real money, pretend money or make your own from paper to play with.
  • Chance cards can be made from card or paper and drawn at home – you can even make up your own phrases and rules.
  • If you have access to a printer you can print your own cards and money to cut out.
  • If you don’t have a dice – you can find a downloadable pattern to cut one out of paper and make at home.

I hope you have enjoyed this crafty tutorial on how to make your own Monopoly board. You can make it as fun as you like and as colourful as you like! Creating is the most fun part.

I do not take responsibility for family fallouts from playing homemade games!

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