How To Organize Ribbon And Lace

Are you looking for different ways of how to organize ribbon and lace?

I have quite a bit of ribbon and lace and honestly, the way it is currently stored is terrible! It is all rolled up and stuffed in a box – the box is getting too full and I seriously need to find a solution.

Which led me onto looking at different ways I can organize and store my ribbons and lace.

If you are looking for other ways to store and organize your sewing supplies I have posts on organizing embroidery floss, sewing machine feet and how to store sewing patterns.

How To Organize Ribbon And Lace

There are some ways that will work really well for ribbon and not for lace and some that are better suited to lace than ribbon.

Read through and look at all the examples so you can see which is the best option for you and your sewing space. If you don’t have a pegboard you can use alternative methods of storage and the different ways you can create easy solutions.

On Card Backings

A popular way of organizing things such as embroidery floss and ribbons is to use a card. These cards can be bought especially or even made at home to fulfil the purpose.

The cards are often made to be wider on the top and bottom and thinner in the middle – this is to keep the ribbon from sliding off.

This is also a great way to store your fabric long term and in a box to save it form dust, sunlight damage and moths.

They also often have a hole in the top to allow you to hook it up onto a peg board or on a metal loop to hang in colours.

I love this idea as it is easy to get to each one, easy to find – especially if you have colour coded your hooks and it looks so fun! I also like this idea if you use your ribbons and laces often and like to have them ready to use.

In A Divided Craft Box

I currently have half of my stash rolled up neatly in a craft box. Mine is actually and old jewellery box but anything from a craft box that has dividers in or segments in which you can organize your ribbons and lace is good.

You can find a number of different versions on the market, such as bead boxes,fish tackle boxes or some people have used nail and drill bit boxes to hold theirs in.

This using Embroidery Threads but it gives you the idea.

This is a great idea for anyone who has ribbons and laces that are no longer on a reel themselves and are looking for a dust free, dry place to store them.

I like this method also as you can put them into colour ways and store them in a way you can see exactly what you have which makes it easier to find what you want.

Wooden Sticks In A Jar

Anyone else have a thing for saving those wooden stick from ice lollies?

These are so handy to use in kids crafts but they are also amazing to use in a sewing room. You can wind around your ribbon or lace and secure it in place and store in in a large jar.

I loved using this method for my own embroidery floss as it was easy to get to and so fun to create.

This method looks really pretty and can be quite fun if you only have a few but if you have medium to large collection you might want something a little more straight forward and easier to use.

It will be made harder to get to the precise ribbon you want if they are just in the jar.

On A Peg Board

If like me you have a peg board at home you can look at getting a second (if you have space) or you can rearrange your hooks to incorporate another.

I use the ikea peg board system and there is a bar that hooks on which goes across. This is a perfect spot to hook on my reels of ribbon and have ready to use when I need to.

You can simply pull on the ribbon or lace and chop off what you need.

If you can’t get hold of that style bar you can use hooks to hold the cardboard templates or to hold individual strands.

In a Draw

There are a number of ways you can organize and store your ribbons and laces and one of them is in a draw. You can buy draw liners or fabric containers that help divide up the space in drawers.

You can use these dividers for a number of things from underwear to jewellery and more. I like to use these to store things like ribbons and lace and trimmings to keep them well organized, out of dust and sunlight and easily accessible.

In a Basket With Holes

I bet you have seen this on Pinterest! It is one of the most popular ways to store your reels of ribbons.

You simply place the reels of ribbons in the basket and thread the loose end of ribbon through the hole.

This is brilliant for people who use them often and can use the holes to keep the ribbons organized and tidy. I love this idea for people who need access to the ribbons on a daily basis and more as they are easy to get to, easy to cut and they stay organized.

You can find a number of these style baskets in different sizes and colours. Look in the home organization sector of the stores and even teh laundry section as they can often have small versions of teh laundry baskets to use.

Mini Shelf System

I have seen loads of these shelf systems that people have built or found that can be turned into a shelf system for ribbon storage.

You can line up your reels on each shelf and let the loose end dangle ready to pull and cut off.

This is a similar to how you could use the shelf or combine one other method to make the lace and ribbon stand up.

You don’t need to move the reel, you can simply tug a little to make the reel spin and the ribbon will come down.

I love this idea for people who need access to the reels of ribbon often and like to have them on displays. This would work well for a flower shop or card maker or gift wrapper.

Tic Tac Boxes

I find this idea so amazing and cute! similar to the style of the basket with holes you can store your individual ribbons in the tic tac boxes, lid open and let the ribbon end stick out.

Stack them up on the desk or in a little carboard box to keep them tidy, there is a number of ways you can store them.

These are great if you have a couple of tic tac boxes lying around or you want to have quick access to the ribbons without having them completely open to the elements of dust and sunlight.

In a Clear Jewellery Organizer

These are so handy to have and are amazing for a number of places and uses in your home. They are commonly advertised asjewellery hangers and organizers.

I actually want to create this in a smaller form to hold my sewing machine feet as they are often something I need to change and want to be able to get to easily.

They are a large sheet with a hook or hanger at the top, a number of clear pockets which you can store items in. I love this as the pockets are clear so you can easily store anything in them and find what you need straight away.

Using Traditional Wooden Pegs

I saw an adorable way of storage lace and ribbon which was using large traditional wooden pegs to wind around the ribbon or lace. These were really simple to do and can work really well.

Especially if you then want to store them in a box, drawer or basket to use when you like.

This is great if you don’t need quick access to the ribbon or lace and you can afford to have them stored away in this way.

You can still see clearly what is on which peg and how much you have which is great as sometimes you think you have loads of one ribbon but you don’t and so this helps you see what you have in realistic terms.

Use Cardboard Cones Or Overlocking Thread Cones

Overlocking thread cones aren’t the easiest to find but if you use them and end up having a couple empty, save them and repurpose them into this handy storage idea for your ribbons and laces.

You simply wind on your ribbons and pin in plcae or tuck in to save it from needing a pin. You can them wind on a couple more ribbons on one cone to save space.

Colour code them to look fun and place them on your desk!

They look super fun and interesting, they are stable and stand alone and don;t require any extra storage system.

This is a great idea for anyone looking to have easy access and use to the ribbons and laces but still keep them organized and tidy.


I know we have spoke about hooks quite a bit above as options to hold your ribbons and thread once mounted or wound onto something but you can use a hook as it is.

This works better for ribbons as the holes in lace can often get caught and unfortunately ripped.

Simply have your hook ready whether it be on the underside of a dresser, on a pegboard or on the back of a door. Hook over your ribbon half way so that it is balancing and leave there.

The downside to this is that your ribbon is then open to dust and sunlight where it can get damaged and aged and faded.

Use Old Thread Spools

Something I love using is old thread spools for different organisation. Though they are smaller and and won’t hold as much they are great for using on thin ribbons, small pieces and thin lace.

They are also great as you can store them laying down so you can see what each one is holding or you can store them stood up.

If you have a fancy spool holder then you can dedicate a line of that to your ribbons and laces.

In A A4 Binger & Sleeves

Binders are so handy for a number of things, we used them for work and at school and they are still handy to have in the home now.

I mainly use these to hold craft ideas such as embroidery floss, sewing machine feet and ribbons.

If you have small scrap pieces and ends of ribbons that aren’t on a reel this is the perfect place to store yoru ribbons.

You can buy sleeves for a binder that have pockets in to hold items. You can get them to hold coins or collectable cards. The collectable cards pockets are bigger and easier to use from experience.

I also love using this idea to hold small scrap pieces of fabric, you can colour code them and keep the pieces for a scrap fabric project down the road.

These are great as you can keep your ribbons organised and tidy, clean and out of sunlight. They are also easy to find as they are in the designated binder along with being in a clear pocket.

You could even have a little sticker on the front of the pocket to say how much of that one ribbon you have to hand so you can quickly see if it is long enough for your project.

You can even use the A4 binder and A4 sleeves to hold printed PDF sewing patterns, which is one of the techniques I use to save on space and to keep my patterns organized.

I hope you have found the guide on how to orgnaize your ribbon and lace helpful and it has given you plenty of ideas and tips. If you have your own unique way of storing your sewing supplies I would love to know more!