How To Stop A Pom Pom From Falling Apart

Pom poms are cute, versatile balls of yarn, wool, or some other material. You might have made a few as a kid or for your child. These cute crafts are easy to make and require few items to come to life.

But, there is a catch. As easy as pom poms are to make, they also fall apart quite easily. It can be really bad to see your beloved pom pom go back to pieces of thread.

So, how do you stop your pom-poms from falling apart? How do you ensure they are perfect: not too tight and not too loose? 

Not to worry, this guide will show you why your pom pom doesn’t last and how to stop your handmade pom from falling apart.

Why Do Handmade Pom Poms Fall Apart?

Hand-made pom poms fall apart because they did not tie them correctly. Therefore, you need to know how to tie your pom pom.

Three fuzzy white pom pom Easter bunnies with pink ears on a pink background.

No matter how much material you use, if you don’t get to this stage, your pom pom might fall apart even before you have a chance to show it off.

3 Ways To Stop A Handmade Pom Pom Falling Apart

Handmade pom-poms shouldn’t fall apart so easily. You can make your pom-poms strong with no extra equipment. What do you need then? Just the right technique. Let’s look at three surefire techniques you can use to make stronger pom poms.

1. Making a tight knot

You need to tie your pom-poms with a knot. Now, a regular knot might not do the trick. Instead, try looping the string 2-4 times. This will make the final knot much stronger. When typing, ensure that you hold down the knot, so it doesn’t slip out.

Also, make sure that you don’t pull on the yarn too tightly. If you do, you could break the yarn and go back to square 1. On the other hand, if you want to make the pom pom very tight, you could use another material like a piece of old cloth to tighten up your pom pom.

2. Stitching

If you have tried your best to tie your pom-poms and still don’t get the process, you can try something else: stitching. Stitching the center of your craft makes it more secure and less prone to falling apart. 

How do you do this? First, try to pass your thread through as many yarns or material threads as possible.

Then, as you stitch each one to the other yarns, you notice that the pom would become stronger. You can do this to backup your tying.

3. Using a wet string

Do you know that yarn shrinks when dry? Well, it does. If you get a piece of yarn and leave it to dry, it will automatically shrink. So, how does this help you make better pom poms?

textured background of assorted and multicolored wool pom poms

Using a wet string to tie your pom poms means you have tighter ones, just by wetting your string?

What kind of water should you use? You could use hot or cold water, but hot water is much more preferable because it will cause the yarn to shrink better. The trick here is to tie your pom while the string is still wet so that it becomes tight when your string is dry.

Can I Fix A Broken Pom Pom?

Yes. It is possible to fix a broken pom. You can simply do this by using different materials to tie your pom pom, like waxed thread or ribbons. These materials will not cut easily like yarn or wool, making them ideal for securing your pom pom.

Can I Glue My Pom Poms Together?

Yes. You can glue your pom-poms if you don’t want to go through the stress of knitting or stitch your pom-poms. However, you cannot just use any type of glue. The ideal glue to use will be one that can hold the yarn or material threads together for a long time.

You can use hot glue or fabric glue to gum your pom-poms together. These types of glue can be used to stick your pom pom. The glue should be used in small quantities and only when all other methods are ineffective to avoid ruining the pom pom.

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