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I love making clothes, it was really the first thing I learnt to make when I was much much younger and I made a shabby t-shirt for my favourite stuffed rabbit. From there I learnt to make pillowcases and more basic items but then really enjoyed making a pencil skirt and halterneck waistcoat when I was in year 11 at high school.

From there I went on to do a full costume course at University and loved it. But I also had no idea about making clothes for myself, fabrics were different, patterns were different and even some of the techniques were different.

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I hope you can find a mountain of useful information on different fabrics, patterns, techniques and tips that will help clear up any confusion you might have about making clothes along with helpful walkthroughs of things I have made that you can too!

I often like to dabble in using patterns bought from large companies to small independent designers to using my own drafted patterns and so I have created a number of posts that walk you through the intricate aspects of each of these, what to know and how to navigate the process.

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