My Favourite Sewing Supplies

I know how hard people work to be able to buy themselves new supplies and I know recommendations on supplies, tools and suppliers are worth so much to the buyer.

I wanted to create this page to help you find the tools and supplies you have been looking for with confidence that these are recommended by someone who uses them daily.

I use all these supplies daily and would only recommend them to anyone looking at buying. Some supplies are universal and can be found in local supermarkets or sewing shops and the quality is pretty much the same.

There are other items that are much more specific which require reading reviews and looking for the best quality version.

Here are my most used items and recommended by me. Some tools I have discovered by chance and absolutely love them.

Items such as self-healing cutting mats are so easy to find in crafts shops, Amazon or in hobby stores. I have a post all about the best cutting mats for quilting.

My Favourite Craft Supplies