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Something I think is often very hard to achieve is a working sewing space is organisation and useful and effective storage solutions. I personally have gone through many different ways of storing my fabrics and tools and still keep evolving to this day.

There are a number of ways in which you can do this that works for a number of people, there is no right or wrong way so depending on what you use the most, the space you have and what kind of items you have may determine your organisation and storage.

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I found having a key storage unit that was home to everything I needed to store and use was the best for me, especially since I didn’t have a full room to dedicate to my sewing so I learnt to cut back and hold onto the essential items.

Being organised within your sewing room or even with your sewing supplies can help you massively to be better at sewing, more efficient, it helps reduce friction as you aren’t scrambling around for that good pair of scissors and you know exactly where to go for that exact item.

I have create a series of posts that talk about best techniques for storing everything and everything you might have in your sewing room. This will depend on size, quantity and the space available to you but there is an option for each stage in every scenario.

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