PDF Patterns – Where To Get Them Printed

Whether you are a novice at sewing or it is your first time sewing a new type of clothing, it would be helpful if you use a sewing pattern as a guide because it will show you how the pieces of cloth are to be joined together.

Sewing patterns come in different types which are self-drafted patterns, PDF sewing patterns, and printed paper patterns. The focus here is on PDF sewing patterns.

PDF sewing patterns are digital patterns that one can access electronically and download for printing. The file is always in a pdf format (which is a computer file format that displays a graphic image resembling a printed document).

Sewing patterns in files of this type can be viewed on computers & smartphones, transferred electronically, and printed out on paper.

PDF sewing patterns provide convenience to tailors and seamstresses because they can be easily obtained online, which saves them the stress of going to a store to purchase them. In addition, there is almost no clothing style that one cannot find in a PDF sewing pattern.

They can be printed as many times as you want once you get your hands on them so there is no cause for concern if you lose the printed sewing pattern you have been using to sew.

Can I Print PDF Patterns At Home?

Yes, you can print PDF sewing patterns at home provided you have access to a computer, a printer, and an A4 paper. Although the patterns can be printed on papers larger than A4, it is the most recommended one.

After printing, the papers would need to be laid out and bound together with tape or glue to form a large pattern sheet.

Most experienced tailors or seamstresses prefer to print their PDF sewing patterns at home because they already know how to do it themselves and it saves them time.

They would have already gotten the equipment needed beforehand. Also, printing PDF sewing patterns at home gives one the leeway to check out different sewing patterns before picking the one they want to work on.

This is the main method I use as it is more convenient and a cheaper option for me personally. This way I can get into a pattern and project at the drop of a hat and not have to worry about waiting and loosing momentum for the project.

Can I Get PDF Patterns Printed Elsewhere?

Yes, you can get PDF patterns printed at many other places other than your home. There are commercial print shops that you can take the electronic copy of the PDF sewing pattern to for them to help you print it out for anywhere between £16 and £62.

Make sure you tell the attendant to print the pattern at 100% onto a large sheet without any tilting or scaling, so the printed pattern would be exactly the way it is in the pdf format. You can test their work using the test square on the pattern page.

How Can I Get PDF Sewing Patterns Printed?

Printing out a PDF sewing pattern for the first time might be slightly intimidating but following these steps will simplify the process.

  • Download the sewing pattern on a computer, not a smartphone.
  • Open the file with Adobe Acrobat and print it from there to ensure accurate sizing. You can get Adobe Acrobat for free online.
  • Firstly, print only the page that has the 1” test square and measure it before printing the remaining pages.
  • Print the designs in their actual size (or with 100% settings).
  • PDF sewing patterns usually come with instructions so read them carefully and follow them accordingly because sometimes you would not need to print every page the same way (or in the same size).

Where To Get PDF Sewing Patterns

These days, most fashion designers have a shop on their website, so they upload their sewing patterns there for people to pay and download. However, it is possible to find some available for free download. On online stores like Etsy, Shopify, Blueprint, etc. you can also find PDF sewing patterns for sale.

Free PDF sewing patterns allow people to test a new style without incurring any cost which makes them perfect for beginners. Also, it gives tailors and seamstresses a look at the kind of sewing pattern a fashion designer is capable of making.

A downside though is that free PDF sewing patterns might be poorly drafted. They can also come in limited sizes or do not have the directions available for download.

Where Can I Get PDF Sewing Patterns Printed?

There are firms that can print out your PDF sewing patterns. You would place your order on your website and they will deliver your printed sewing pattern.

Patternsy, which are in the UK can help print it and ship it to you, whether you are in the UK, US, or another country. Sew YYC and PDF Plotting are in Canada and the United States respectively and offer the same service.

Here are some of the most popular places you can get a PDF pattern printed in the UK;


Net Printer are a UK based business which specialises in printing PDF sewing patterns. You can get these on a number of size sheets that suit you, your space and the pattern itself.

You can contact them if you are unsure about what to order and from there you can get what you need at a very reasonable cost. There are charges for postage on return but the quality is great and well worth trying if you want a professional printing service.

Check Out Their Services Here

Fabric Godmother

Fabric Godmother are a great company that sells everything to do with sewing from fabrics, tools and accessories to trimmings and patterns. They also offer a printing service on their website for sewing patterns.

This can be one you have bought from them yourself or from another website/designer. You can get an A0 size print for £4.00 plus shipping which is really reasonable.

Check Out Their Services Here


Fabricate offer up a service very similar to the previous businesses where you can upload your PDF pattern to their website and choose the formatting in which you want your pattern printed.

The system is easy to use and flexible so you can have it printed and sent right back to you to get stuck into your project.

Check Out Their Services Here

The Fold Line

I love The Fold Line and have done for a number of years due to their great community, shop and helpful information on pretty much everything. The team are great and always enjoy seeing what they are up to.

The Fold Line offer up a printing service for any PDF pattern to be printed, prices range from £4.00 for 1 page up to £14 for 11 pages. Orders will include a shipping charge of £2.50 or orders over £50 will be free shipping.

Check Out Their Services Here

How To Assemble A PDF Sewing Pattern

  • After printing all the needed pages, trim off the border on one side of the page (do not do this if you are working with a trimless pattern) and line the diamonds up.
  • Put the rows and columns together and on the second row, trim off the top and the other side of the page.
  • Look at the layout guide that accompanies the pattern to know how it should look after joining all pages together.
  • Follow this guide every step of the way.
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