Sewing Basics

Sewing to me is a very broad term, it encapsulates the method of bringing fabric together and holding it in place with thread but from there is spans into a number of different areas, skills and even levels.

Such as dressmaking, tailoring, patchwork and quilting and even furniture making. These are all areas of sewing that have their own set of skills, levels and even tools and fabrics involved.

If you are looking at getting into sewing or have just bought your first sewing machine you might be wondering what you need to know, what is helpful and what you actually want to make.

More often than not you have seen something such as a dress or skirt, homeware project or even something simple like a placemat and you have thought ‘I would like to make my own” from there you have bought the necessary equipment and maybe even watched a YouTube video to get you started.

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As I learnt about new areas of sewing (I am still learning now too) I decided to document my tried and tested theories and worked out a way to relay useful information for others who have similar queries and questions.

Check out my latest articles below for answers to all your sewing related questions or simply search in the bar at the top to find something specific. There is more than likely a post on what you are going through as I seem to occur all the problems and more!

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