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Sewing patterns are a perfect way of building your skills and get into sewing as they give you all the information you need. Though there are often many questions that you still have especially as a beginner.

Sewing patterns can be hard to read and understand especially when they are from a different country, a different designer you are used to using or just not as clear as you hoped as a beginner.

I found transitioning from using my own self drafted patterns at university to using commercial fashion sewing patterns after leaving that there was still plenty I didn’t know. I found myself frustrated and annoyed that even with the skills I had I was still struggling.

After much research and understanding, I created a number of posts that cover a number of questions sewists/sewers alike have when dealing with sewing patterns.

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I also found many different patterns that I found were easy to adapt, transform or even were free that I wanted to share with others so be sure to check out my posts where I talk about the best free sewing patterns on the market.

Be sure to check out all my posts on helpful tips, tricks and sewing pattern suggestions to help you get started or at least unstuck!

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