Sewing has always been a big part of my life and I have always tried to learn more, better my skills and improve my knowledge. I wanted to share my journey in sewing, share my tips and tricks and shed some light on getting started to help others.

Here are my sewing tutorials for different projects, helpful guides and ways to help you organise and store your sewing supplies.

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How To Make A Fabric Pouffe

I love making things for the house and even better making something that is both stunning and purposeful. I love finding new and inexpensive ways…
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What Are Indie Sewing Patterns

Are you looking to branch out and try some new sewing patterns? There are sewing patterns that are ‘ indie sewing patterns’ which are alternative…
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Where To Buy Cross Stitch Kits

Are you wondering where to buy cross stitch kits form? Cross stitch, embroidery and all things hand sewing are beocming increasingly popular and not just…
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Best Batting For Oven Mitts

Looking for the best batting for oven mitts? I recently made my own oven mitts and spent a little while researching the best materials to…
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How To Make A Reading Cushion

Who doesn’t love making something simple and practical for their children? I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, they all love films, teddys and reading…
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