I have always loved sewing and strived to better my skills over the years. I decided to put my knowledge to paper(ish) to help you better your skills, productivity and sewing mojo along with learning new skills and creating something awesome to show off!

The articles below are a mix of ways to help you get started, projects and tutorials and even some storage ideas.

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How To Make A Reading Cushion

Who doesn’t love making something simple and practical for their children? I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, they all love films, teddys and reading…
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How To Use Pattern Weights

I just recently made my own pyramid pattern weights and absolutely love them. I had used them in the past but these were storebought or…
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What Are Sewing Clips?

No matter what style of sewing you do whether it be home furnishings, clothes or quilting you may have come across sewing clips. Now they…
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How To Make Knife Pleats

There are many different types of pleats, knife pleats are the simplest of the group. These are often used in garments such as skirts and…
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How To Read Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns are a great way to get into sewing, whether it be for clothes, soft toys or cushions. They can be a great introduction…
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How To Make Bias Binding

There are many projects that will require bias binding or that you may even want to use binding instead of other alternatives. The bias is…
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Essential Sewing Kit Supplies

When most people hear ‘sewing kit’ they think it’s the type that comes from the local supermarket that has the small plastic scissors and tiny…
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Are Sewing Classes Worth It?

Thinking about taking a sewing class and left wondering “are sewing classes are worth it?” In this article, we’ll break down whether a sewing class…
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