The 3 Best Fabrics for Dungarees

Dungarees are one-piece garments that are a combination of trousers and a bib covering the chest that is held up by straps that hang over one’s shoulder. They are mostly made of denim, heavy cotton, or corduroy and are usually worn as work or casual clothes.

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking dungarees are the same as denim but they are not. Denim is woven from uncoloured yarn and hued just before weaving while dungarees are made with pre-hued yarn.

Dungarees are made in different sizes, fits and colours. They can be baggy, tight, formal, frayed, or stone-washed.

Can I Use Any Fabric For Dungarees?

Yes, you can use any material to make dungarees but some materials work better than others. It would be best if one used medium weight woven material that is slightly elastic to make it.

Stretch denim, stretch-woven cotton and stretch needle cords with around 2% spandex are suitable for making dungarees. These fabrics come in different colours so there is a lot to choose from.

If you are interested in using stretch denim, it is possible to get them in black, indigo, turquoise, pink, etc. and the finished cloth will come out looking fantastic. Then, those interested in using stretch needlecord can get them in burgundy, pink, teal, mustard, khaki etc.

Lastly, people that want to use stretch cotton can get them in black, floral patterns, blue, green, polka dot, cherry print, stripes etc. If sewn right, all these materials can create masterpieces. Additionally, embroidery can be added to the dungaree to give it that extra flavour and make it stand out from others.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Fabric for Dungarees?

Dungarees’ fabrics are to be comfortable and strong because they are mostly used as work clothes. The fabrics are to be a little elastic because the strap goes all the way across the back to hook the bib.

If the material is tight, it could tear when people move around in them. If it is stiff, there is no way people would be convenient while they wear them. There are different types of dungarees,

Work Dungarees

Work dungarees should have knee pads made of thick materials to protect people’s knees while they work. These are found mostly on construction workers, plumbers, mechanics etc.

Their jobs require them to bend down a lot, so it makes sense that there should be protection for their knees.

Leisure Wear Dungarees

Although dungarees are unisex, this type is mostly found on females. They do not necessarily need fabric as thick as the ones needed to make work dungarees. These types are usually made of cotton or denim.

Fabrics used in making them tend to be more casual and stylish, unlike work dungarees that are mostly plain coloured. They can have a loose fit, regular or skinny fit. It depends on the wearer’s preference. Dungarees shorts are in this category.

Loose fit dungarees are usually worn by people that need more room in their clothing. They are for fans of oversized clothing and if they are sewn and worn properly, they will make the wearer look fashionable and attractive.

Regular fit dungarees are for people that have either slim or average body weight. They usually have standard straight legs and are the most popular type of Leisure Wear Dungarees.

Skinny fit dungarees are similar to regular fit ones but they are more closely fit and are made with slightly elastic fabric to ease movement.

Three Best Fabrics For Dungarees


This is the most fabric for dungarees. They are most people’s first choice because of how strong they are. Denim does not rip easily and can be worn for a long time.

Unfortunately, they do not stretch as much as one would like so it is recommended that when one makes dungarees with this material, they should add little room to accommodate any gain in body weight. This is for the cloth not to become too tight and unwearable.


Although cotton is not as tough as denim, it is a widely used fabric for dungarees. They are more elastic but not as durable. If undersized for a wearer, it can tear relatively easily.

However, cotton fabric tends to have more design patterns on them, enabling them to be more fashionable than denim. Their softer nature does not suggest that they are high-risk materials because they are not.

The person sewing should just give more allowance so one can wear the dungaree comfortably without putting tension on the material.


Corduroy is a thick cotton fabric with a velvety feel. It is comfortable to wear, durable and the second most commonly used dungaree fabric behind denim.

They are elastic, which make them desirable since wearers would not be restricted in their movement. Additionally, they are very pleasing to look at and the velvety feel is soothing to the touch.

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