The 4 Best Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy

Sewing your own clothes is so much fun and can be highly rewarding, especially when you struggle to wear shop bought clothes. Though there is a way to step up your game and give yourself a better outcome with your clothes and that is to use an adjustable dressmakers dummy.

The best adjustable dressmakers dummies have a sturdy base, 8 or more dials to adjust the form itself and a nice layer of padding on the body for pinning and working with.

In this article, I am going to talk about what a dressmakers dummy is and why you might need an adjustable dressmakers dummy along with the 4 best on the market.

What Is An Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy?

An adjustable dressmaker’s dummy is a simple piece of kit, but it’s one that’s exceptionally necessary and handy when costume making.

Traditionally, dressmaking stores have always had some form of a dummy in them. These dummies have been one-size, and have been used to hang clothes from while they’re being fitted to the correct measurements.

The problem with this is it’s difficult to fit clothes for someone who is, for example, a size sixteen, when your dummy is rigidly a size ten.

Adjustable dressmakers dummies typically have sets of dials on them which allow you to alter the dimensions of different parts of the dummy. For example, they may have a dial on the bust, the waist, and the hips. Then, you can take measurements for these spots from the person that you’re measuring for, and adjust the dummy to be the correct size.

Then, you will more easily be able to see where potential flaws are within the garment that you’re making, meaning that you can adjust stitching and panels where necessary.

Can I Use A Non Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy?

You can use non-adjustable dummies, but they may make the process harder for you.

Dummies of this type are generally considered to be entry-level or basic, because they typically come in industry-standard sizes, and have to be altered with felt strips or foam pads from there. You cannot adjust any part of the dummy, whether to expand or compress, which can make the fitting process trickier.

With that said, a non-adjustable dummy can be very useful when displaying garments that are finished and ready to be shown in a gallery or a shop window.

This is because you may have tailored a garment to be a size twelve, for example, and a size twelve dummy will wear the garment perfectly well. Therefore, non-adjustable dummies do have their uses.

The 4 Best Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy

I decided to put together a quick table so you can see quickly what each one has and how much you are looking at to pay. This might help narrow down which to look into further and eliminate those which are out of your price range or just not suitable.

ProductMinimum SizeMaximum SizePrice (£)
Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy1016£££
Female Adjustable Mannequin Dummy Dress Form1016£££
Adjustoform Sew Simple 8 Part Adjustable Dress Form1018££
Milward Ladies Adjustable Tailors Dummy816££

1. Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy

This is a wonderful dummy, and would honestly be our number one recommendation. There are adjusting dials on the bust, waist, and hips, as well as a button on the neck to allow you to expand it.

It’s very fast to set up and is coated in a smooth fabric which is a pleasure to work near. The pattern itself is quite sweet too and can lighten up a slightly dreary sewing room.

The dummy is easily moveable and adjustable. By this, we mean that it’s fairly light and easy to move around, and the height itself can be changed by just one person. This could be ideal for fitting clothes to someone that’s a little shorter or taller.

There’s a handy pin cushion on the dummy’s neck stump, plus there’s a convenient hem maker on the bottom leg of the dummy, which allows you to easily create and tailor hems for your garments. This is a very well-priced dummy for a relatively large amount of features – we’re very impressed!

2. Female Adjustable Mannequin Dummy Dress Form

This mannquin actually comes in two sizes, a medium and large which makes it perfect for anyone looking to buy something that reflects their true size. The measurements for the medium are displayed on the listing along with the measurements for the large.

This mannequin comes with a 4 legged stand along with a hem gauge so you can perfect those smooth and sleek hems on all your garments. This is perfect for anyone looking to take their sewing to the next level.

The dummy is easily moveable and adjustable. By this, I mean that it’s fairly light and easy to move around, and the height itself can be changed to suit any size. Making it perfect for anyone who requires the height changing.

3. Adjustoform Sew Simple 8 Part Adjustable Dress Form

This adjustable form is a little more discreet and has the wheels to enlarge the body form located down the centre and sides within the seam of the body. I like this as when you are working on a garment you don’t have large bulky dials in the way.

I also like the thin padding on the body which helps create a grip for your pins and needles while you work.

The mannequin comes in 2 sizes so you can find something that suits your size. It also comes with a 4 legged stand and hem gauge attached to the pole. You can adjust this to create the perfect hem on all your garments.

4. Milward Ladies Adjustable Tailors Dummy

The Millward ladies adjustable tailors dummy does come in a number of sizes and ranges for a number of sizes and body shapes.

The mannequin has dials based on the centre front of the body, back and sides. This is to make sure the body is expanded at equal measurements overall. This is a great sturdy mannequin and great for anyone looking for an adjustable mannequin.

My only complaint about this mannequin would be the large dials on the front and back can make it hard to work with the mannequin, especially if you are pinning fabric to the dress form itself.

The mannequin comes with a sturdy stand so perfect for any sewing room. It also comes with the pin grip hem gauge so you can create seamless and even hems on all your garments.

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