The 4 Best Batting for Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas tree skirts are rounded skirts that are open on one side and used to help make Christmas trees stand upright. Christmas tree stands are large because they are designed to accommodate the water that would fall off the tree when it is being watered.

Christmas tree skirts cover the stands up to make the tree more presentable. Its main purpose is for aesthetics but it helps catch needles that fall off Christmas trees.

There are different kinds of Christmas tree skirts; some are made to look glamorous so they can add to the beauty of the tree, while others are made to look simple, to not pull people’s attention away from the tree.

The open space on the skirt is necessary, so one can water the tree with ease, and it is advised that the skirt should not be wider than the widest part of the tree so people do not trip on it and fall.

Also, it would be wise to either keep Christmas tree skirts out of young children’s reach or attach them to a wall or ceiling because one pull can bring the entire tree crashing down, injuring anyone close by, or damaging the lighting and ornaments on the tree.

Can I Use Batting On A Christmas Tree Skirt?

Yes, you can use batting to make Christmas tree skirts. Although you can use other fabrics as well.

People use batting when trying to make their skirts look better, or more exotic than regular fabric. 

Do I Need Batting On A Christmas Tree Skirt?

No, you do not need to use batting to make one but it is a good choice and worth the extra money because it usually has more quality than regular fabric.

What Kind of Fabric Is Suitable for A Christmas Tree Skirt?

Not everyone would want to buy a ready-made Christmas tree skirt. Some prefer to make it themselves and there are many fabrics one can make it with. One can use batting made of linen, fleece, felt or quilting cotton.

Each type of batting comes in a variety of colours, and the most recommended ones are white, green and red. Any colour chosen comes down to either personal preference or an attempt to match the colour of both the skirt and the tree. It is possible to use contrasting colours for the top and bottom of the skirt.

Interfacing might be needed in between the batting used for the top and bottom, depending on how thick they are. For example, if you are using batting made of cotton, an interface would be needed between them.

Battings for Christmas tree skirts have to be presentable so they do not damage the look of the tree itself. Although Christmas trees are meant to celebrate a festive period, their aesthetics are also important.

Additionally, they have to be durable because since they are on the floor, they would attract dust, dirt and stains, especially if they are coloured white or any similar shade. They have to be washed to get rid of the stains, and if they are not durable, periodic washing will wear them out.

Note that the batting does not necessarily have to be thick but thicker ones are more preferred because they would not be blown by the wind easily.

The size of the batting to be used for the skirt would be determined by your personal preference and perhaps the size of the Christmas tree. As mentioned earlier, it would be wise to let the diameter of the skirt when laid out be the same as the widest part of the Christmas tree.

To make that, cut a square of the batting such that the length of each side is twice the width of the widest part of the tree. For example, if the tree is 7 inches wide, cut the batting such that it is a 14×14 inch square.

It makes sense to double the width while cutting the batting because when you will be trimming off the corners of the square, you would lose some fabric and the extra length would make up for it.

Four Best Battings for Christmas Tree Skirts

1. June Tailor Quilt As You Go Tree Skirt Printed batting

This pre-printed batting is a combination of cotton and polyester (80% and 20% respectively). It comes with a batting cutting template to facilitate easy and accurate cutting of the fabric.

It is affordable and has good value for money. The texture is great and the bright white colour would complement the Christmas tree it is used on.

2. Warm Company Batting 2391 72-Inch by 90-Inch Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

This is another white batting well suited for making Christmas tree skirts. It does not need to be pre-washed because it has little to no shrinkage. It is made of cotton and can be quilted.

Also, it can be machine and hand washed without wearing out.

3. Christmas Snow Blanket Roll (30 Inch x 7.8 Ft) for Christmas Decoration

It is thick and has a snow-like appearance, making it aesthetically pleasing and a perfect addition to a Christmas tree.

The batting is flame-retardant, eco-friendly and does not provoke allergic reactions while being worked with.

4. Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting

This batting is made up entirely of polyester and is affordable. It is easy to make Christmas tree skirts with them.

It is washable (by hand and with machines), durable and will complement the look of the Christmas tree. 

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