The 4 Best Battings For A Tea Cosy

Generally, there’s a large percentage of tea lovers out there in the world. And it will not be overstating facts to say that it is easily one of the most heavily consumed beverages in the world. Now, if you have lots of tea lovers as guests, you would probably have a teapot at home.

Making a tea cosy is a great introductory project for sewers and perfect for beginners, I also love tea cosies as you can often match them to other home-sewn projects you have done.

You would agree that one major challenge faced by many teapot owners is keeping it warm for your guests. What if you found out that there are solutions to this current challenge faced by many tea lovers like you?

In this article, I will talk about what battings you can use and which I recommend for a tea cosy.

Do I Need To Use Special Batting For Tea Cosies?

Before rushing into the answer, you might be wondering what tea cosies are. So, what are tea cosies? 

Tea cosies are primarily teapot covers – they fit over the full size. Mainly, tea cosies have designs made from soft woven fabrics and have the central purpose of retaining the pot’s heat. Generally, you place this woven fabric cover (tea cosy) over the pot. 

Do You Need Special Batting For Tea Cosies?

If you are a tea lover and have lots of guests around most of the time, tea cosies might just be what you need. Do you now need special batting for tea cosies? That’s pretty preferential, and some tend to use it to beautify their tea cosies. 

However, you can use it if you find it necessary to beautify your tea cosies. Nevertheless, as tea lovers, the challenges of having your tea warm can become a frequent occurrence, and that’s why cosies are there. So, why do you need tea cosies?


Generally, this is the primary purpose of tea cosies. In addition, they act as insulators for your hot tea in the pot. Instead of your tea getting cold while in the pot, these cosies insulate the heat. Thereby allowing it to remain at the temperature it is at the time. 

However, this doesn’t prevent the tea in the pot from cooling down or dropping in temperature. What it does is that it slows down the drop in temperature, allowing your tea to remain hot for a long time while in the pot.


Undoubtedly, you would agree that tea cosies tend to make your pot more beautiful and presentable. In addition, the unique batting designs on the cosy body often make it more special than any regular one you can find.

In fact, if you have a teapot with a scratched or damaged size, the cosy can also serve as a cover for those dents. Generally, as a tea lover and host to several guests, pot cosies are an essential buy, and you can almost refer to them as a need.

There’s one other important question to consider.

Does Your Tea Cosy Need To Be Flameproof?

In normal terms of usage and purpose, tea cosies do not need to be flameproof. In fact, a tea cosy doesn’t have to be flameproof because it will never get directly placed in fire or burning objects. 

Furthermore, the idea of flameproofing is almost impossible due to the nature of tea cosies. As earlier stated, they are woven fabric designs, and from general knowledge, these have proven to be highly flammable. So, no, your special battings for tea cosies do not need to be flammable.

4 Best Battings For Tea Cozy 

Primarily, there are several battings for tea cosies available, and picking the best one out of each can be pretty challenging. For this reason, this section of this article will highlight the best different battings for the tea cosy to choose for your teapots.

1. Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Natural Cotton Batting

This batting has a special feature that makes it able to be microwaved. Its quality is outstanding and highly recommended to be used to make tea cosies.

It is made entirely of cotton and has a shrinkage of about 3-5% and is not fireproof.

2. Hobbs Heirloom Fusible Cotton Batting

It is fusible on both sides so users should not worry about layers moving around while sewing.

It is thin and lays down flat, qualities that make it easy to work with. Also, it does not shrink at all while washing.

3. Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

It has a little shrinkage but many users do not notice this. However, one can pre-shrink it before use so this would not happen later down the line.

It is thin and not fusible but very easy to use and it will create a soft cushion in your tea cosy.

4. Hobbs Thermore Ultra-Thin Batting

This ultra-thin batting is highly recommended for tea cosies. It is made of polyester, which sets it apart from most battings since they are mostly made of cotton or mixed.

It is not fusible which might be a slight disadvantage over some of the others mentioned here but if you prefer to work with non-fusible batting, this is a great choice.

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