The Best Way To Store Embroidery Floss

I have so many strands of embroidery floss and for a long time, I didn’t do anything with them. They were in a grubby plastic bag and really didn’t get utilized. After a while, I decided to sort them out and look after them. Here is the best way to store embroidery floss.

Many of mine had come in a bundle bumper pack so I had a range of colours and were getting a little rough from being in a plastic bag. I didn’t use them often at the time but then after clearing out my sewing box I decided to display them better and store them in a better system.

The Best Way To Store Embroidery Floss

These are all the different ways I have tried and tested and still use today. Each method is a great way to store embroidery floss but some may work better than others depending on your space, budget and how often you use them.

In A Jar

I currently have my embroidery floss stored in a large jar. This was so I could put them on the desk and have them close by. I also wanted to be able to have them easy access.

The only downside is that I still have to dig around for the right colour but since I only use them every so often I don’t mind. This is probably one of the best way to store embroidery floss if you only use is part time like myself.

Using Pegs

Pegs are a popular way to store embroidery floss. You wind the floss around the peg and use the peg mechanism to hold the end of the floss in place.

The pegs are a really useful idea as you can tape or write the product colour code on the peg so you can keep inventory. This is really handy as then you can store the pegs in any other format you like. Anything from a pegboard to a jar or just on a piece of rope like a washing line.


Pegboards are extremely useful for many craft rooms as they allow the objects to be stored on the board giving the user easy access. This works really well for embroidery floss.

Large Lollipop Sticks

Another one of the best ways to store embroidery floss is by winding it around large lollipop sticks. These can be found in crafts stores such as Hobbycraft or places like Poundland.

Similar to the peg where you wind the floss around the stick and on one end you can tape or write the colour code and information. Store them in a jar, basket or in a sewing box.

A4 Binger & Sleeves

I saw this idea not long ago and thought it was a wonderful idea. The idea is very simple and very accessible. Using an A4 binder and inserts can be great for keeping organised.

Simply use inserts that are made to hold coins, cards or something that has a pocket style system. Simply lay the thread into the individual pockets and label with the colour code.

I love this idea and think it is easy and is the best way to store embroidery floss for smaller craft rooms. This folder can sit neatly on a shelf or be stored somewhere fairly simple and not get in the way.

Craft Drawers

Craft drawers are extremely popular for many different crafts but can work really well for storing embroidery floss. This is most helpful if you have quite a large stash, use it for business or just want to be super organized.

You can simply bungle up the embroidery floss colours together in code format and place in a draw. Each drawer can then be numbered to correlate with the colour inside.

This is easy to use, easy to work with and best of all your embroidery floss stays clean, dust free and easy to find.

Card Backing

Embroidery floss usually comes fairly loose held together with a paper ring. Though this is a great original way for the floss to be in, it can also make it harder to store as there is no rigid state to it.

The floss can often be tangled in itself after some time and so to stop this happening you can make or buy your own cardboard backing to wrap the embroidery floss around.

I have seen a number of designs from straight forward practical styles to much more fun and imaginative ones. You can still write on the necessary information you will need such as the colour code and brand.

You can then store these in a number of ways, in baskets, jars, A4 binder or more.

Sewing Box

I have had so many sewing boxes that I actually ended up using them for other purposes. Before I got a desk space and had any real organisation to my craft area all my stuff was in a large chest.

So for me having things boxed up at that time was so helpful as I knew that each box held different items. You can label the box so you can find it quickly and easily.

Boxes are easy to store when space is tight and you are still giving your embroidery floss good storage space.

Bunting Style

If you want to create a bit of a pretty scene with your embroidery floss this is a super fun way. Using the peg method is the easiest way to create this but you can use the embroidery floss on a card and then peg to the string.

You can place a piece of string like a washing line across your wall or craft space and peg your embroidery floss to the line. Make it colour co-ordinated to make it look super pretty.

Keep all the colour code details of the embroidery floss on the card or peg so you can replace it when it runs out.

Hanging Jewellery Organiser

This is simply genius and I love it! I never really used one of these and I have never had much jewellery but this is a smart idea. You can buy organisers that have pockets that allow you to reach in and out quickly and easily.

You can store your embroidery floss in these to organise by colour, thread code or by type. The jewellery organiser can be found in a number of colours but the best one is the clear plastic one.

This allows you to see what you have and be able to get it when you need it. You can hang this anywhere and move it which is great if you like to sit in different rooms while you work.

That is all for my best way to store embroidery floss. If you have a method I haven’t covered and wish to share it leave me a comment below. If you also are looking for the best way to store embroidery floss but haven’t found what works for you, leave me a comment and I would be glad to help you find it!

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