The Different Types Of Pin Cushions

Pin cushions come in a variety of styles, sizes and even themes which can be really fun but also can be confusing. I wanted to take the time to talk about the different types of pin cushions and where you can use them.

Of course, you probably know you can find a number of different styles of the standard pin cushion in every shape, animal or food group. But I bet you didn’t know you could get the variety from finger pin cushions, wrist pin cushions and more.

The Different Types Of Pin Cushions

This breakdown is to cover the different types of pin cushions. If you want to know more about the best filling to use for pin cushions you can read that here.


There are many sewers that have used finger pin cushions in the past and present. These are highly practical for those doing intricate work and will find using the finger pin cushion easier than the wrist version.

This can apply to anyone doing bead work, hand patchwork or general sewing. These are of course smaller and don’t hold as much in terms of pins as the surface area is smaller but still worth trying. They are handy as it is always on your finger ready to be used.

These aren’t as popular to buy from Amazon but can be found on places like Etsy, AliExpress or you can make your own.


Many dressmakers and tailors use these as they are easy to wear and use. There is nothing more frustrating about fitting a dress or bodice on a model or mannequin and your time is spent trying to fiddle with a pin cushion.

Using a wrist pin cushion takes away the stress, struggling with a normal pin cushion and messy work. These are super easy to use and can save a lot of time and faffing. These can be used for fittings or for every day use as you work, having it on your wrist as you move around is very helpful.

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On A Jar

There are so many handmade, homemade and shop bought pin cushions that are now in the lids of mason jars. These are super fun and useful if you plan to sew on the go. These can be bought, made and found in many places such as charity shops, craft stores and craft fayres.

These aren’t as deep as the standard pin cushions but are useful for holding items and creating an on the go sewing kit. The jars are handy if you want something a little heavier to weigh down the fabric or to not move around the desk too easily.

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Alternatively, you can make your own.

They are easy to make with a clean old jar, stuffing and some fabric.


Standard ones are the ones we are used to in the form of the traditional strawberry or tomato that have been around for so many years. These are the style and type that don’t fasten to anything and are portable. They are easy to use and are much larger than some of the other alternatives.

These are great for working at a desk, table or sat fairly still and have a place to put the pin cushion while you work. I often use mine while I work on the sofa or even just at my desk. They are very lightweight so you can easily hold onto them and move them around the table while you work.

This has to be my favourite of the different types of pin cushion as I can use it anywhere, it’s versatile and you can find them in all kinds of cute shapes, sizes and patterns.

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Alternatively, you can make your own.

Using a scrap piece of fabric, thread, and stuffing.

Sewing Machine

Noticed that trying to keep your sewing machine going and putting a pin back into the pin cushion isn’t easy? Don’t worry it never gets easier so why not make life easier and incorporate a pin cushion into your sewing machine?

You can find more tips about organizing your workspace at

These can be a simple cushion that is fastened around the base of your machine so you can keep a good momentum while putting your pins back safely. These can attach to many areas of your machine so it can always be used and in a safe place.

These are much harder to buy and find online so many go into making their own.

You can find easy DIY’s or alternatively, you can add an elastic band/velcro to a normal pin cushion and attach it to your machine.


Though not technically a cushion it does collect and store pins so I thought it worth mentioning. A magnetic pin cushion is a piece of magnet that is molded to hold and collect pins or a piece inserted into a pin cushion. The magnet attracts the pins to it to store them safely.

This is really handy if you often knock over your pin box or drop them on the floor. They can be fairly heavy and not great to use for fittings or while traveling but great for use in a sewing room. You can use an ordinary pin cushion or buy them in places such as Amazon.

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That is everything on the different types of pin cushions. If you have a favourite pin cushion style or shape you wish to share let me know in the comments below. If you know a good brand to purchase pin cushion patterns or pin cushions from I would love to know.