Where To Buy Cross Stitch Kits

Are you wondering where to buy cross stitch kits form?

Cross stitch, embroidery and all things hand sewing are beocming increasingly popular and not just with a certain age range. Needlework including embroidery and cross stitch has been around as early as 600 AD.

So it is no surpirse that this particular needlework has coming in an out of trends over the years. We do say fashion has a 20 year cycle and I often think sewing, crafts and needlework do too.

With great shows such as The Great British Sewing Bee and The Repair Shop along with Kirstie Allsop showing us crafts, DIY and sewing there is a whole host of new things to try. But it isn’t always clear as to where to get our supplies and kits from.

I remember my first bit of cross stitch when I was in primary school, I made it for my mum and it had a floral border and mum in the middle. I was so proud of it and she kept it for years! (She probably still has it now!)

Where To Buy Cross Stitch Kits

I haven’t really done any cross stitch since childhood and 2020 is my year to get a kit and start again. I was really unsure where to look so I asked friends, groups and forums for where they suggested to buy kits to help me get started.

I thought it was a great resource to have so I can share it with others and even keep it as a reference for myself.

Here are some of the best places to buy cross stitch kits. Depending on where in the world you are, may depend on your availablility. I tried to include both US based stores and UK.


Who doesn’t love eBay?

eBay is a platform that allows people like you and me to sell products to other people and it works really well.

You can buy anything from brand new kits that have been released by the brands or vintage patterns that have been in someones loft for the past 20 years.

Here you can find some good bargains on the auction style listings and even find some bundles to keep you going for a while.

I like to see the options and variations you can find on eBay which you may not find on Amazon.


Amazon is probably a place everyone would go to first and honestly why not, quick and easy to find and it can be there the next day.

If you are looking for a specific style, brand or design it may be easier to find on Amazon as you can easily search and find what you want.

If you are just looking for a simple kit to buy and try as a beginner Amazon is a great place to start.

If you are a little more advanced or looking for something more unique and different I would look at Etsy or some of the more niche sellers.


Etsy has a vast number of independent sellers that craft their own designs and put together their own kits and sell them. I like buying from Etsy as you are buying from someone who has the passion for the craft.

More than likely you are going to find a unnique and fun design and something different to the large main stream stores.

You can even get personalised cross stitch kits. When you are looking for kits make sure you have the filter set to your country only, as you may fall in love with a kit that is the other side of the world and cost you a fortune to get shipped… take it from a girl who has done this before, its heartbreaking!

Online Stores

There are a whole host of online retailers that sole purpose and business is selling everything to do with needlework and sewing. You can find places such as CrossStitch.com who ship worldwide.

Other online stores include places like DMC.com who provide a number of designs and advice along with great sales and sometimes free patterns to print at home!

Local Stores

I wish I had more local stores with sewing supplies and kits near me but unfortunately, they are all closing.

If you are lucky enough to have local resources, many of the stores are run by people who are passionate, knowledgable and often very caring and kind.

Local sewing shops, haberdashery and knitting shops will hold a host of needlework kits you can find and try out.

If like me you are just getting started they can help you choose the right needle, find the colours you need and help you pick a kit that it suited to your skill level.

Hobbycraft (UK)

Hobbycraft is our biggest craft store here in the UK and it has everything from sewing, needlework, vinyl crafts, painting and model making along with so much more.

Hobbycraft has stores all over the country and even sells online. If you are just looking at getting started and want to browse the different kits, this is a good place to go.

They also sell everything you need to get started and even create your own patterns and progress into higher skill levels.

The only downside to Hobbycraft is that as they stock so much acorss the board they don’t often keep many different variations of each craft so once you have done the designs they have you may have to shop elsewhere for new and exciting kits.

The Range (UK)

The Range is another semi-craft store we have, they are much broader in what they stock from everything that is for the home from DIY, home decor, storage, pets and crafts.

Similar to Hobbycraft they stock such a broad spectrum of areas that they don’t hold more than a select amount of one niche craft.

So while they are worth looking at for ideas and for cross stitch kits they may not hold a wide variety and may not hold all the embroidery threads you would require for your project.

Joanns (USA)

Joanns is the ultimate craft store in the USA, I have been two or three times and it blows my mind everytime! They stock everything!

Here is a great place to go to stock up on your cross stitch supplies and find cross stitch kits to work from.

Joanns will have a whole section dedicated to needleowork where you can find kits to get you started, frames to hold your finished product in and all the tools to help you along the way.

Hobby Lobby (USA)

I have also have the pleasure of visiting Hobby Lobby, another wow factor place. Compared to the shops in the UK they have everything you could every dream of!

Though the range may not be as wide and extensive as Joanns (depending on the store size of course!) you will still be able to find plenty of options to choose from.

I hop eyou have found this source of information helpful on where to buy cross stitch kits. If you have any trusted websites, sellers or stores you go to for your cross stitch kits I would love to know more about them.

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