About Me

I am Helen and I am a fabric hoarder, sewing enthusiast and slowly becoming a plant hoarder!

There are plenty of other things I seem to hoard, from ribbons and lace to jars (don’t ask!).

I have been interested in anythign creative since I was a child, I would often made sculptures with cereal boxes and egg boxes at primary school, only for my mum to take them apart and give them back to the school! (recycling though, can’t complain with that!)

I have dabbled in everything from designing my own clothing, (something that was my passion way into my teen years) to making my own homewares and clothing. I also love upcycling and DIY projects.

Since then I have done a college diploma in theatre hair, make-up and costume and then that led me to go onto University where I studied Historical & Performance Costume for Stage & Screen.

After 3 years of working hard and learning ALOT, I came home to get a job and dream of making a living out of being creative.

I met my now wife Cora and she helped me create this blog to document the things I made and to help others learn more about sewing, crafts, DIY and upcycling.

I hope you can find plenty of helpful information about all the different types of crafts, sewing and more!

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