Best Fabric For Reusable Makeup Pads

I am really enjoying doing a lot of home sewing projects like cushions, quilts and linens. Once I start creating my own versions of items around the house I quickly realize how much I could actually make. One thing I am looking at replacing is my make up pads so I decided to research the best fabric for reusable makeup pads.

The last thing you want is to make 20 fabric make up pads and they are scratchy, sore on the skin or just don’t wash well. Instead of jumping right into a project I wanted to take a step back and look into the different fabrics, I could use.

I wanted to give a variety of options for people who may be allergic to certain fabrics, have different skin conditions to mine and also personal preference.

Anyway, let’s begin!

11 Best Fabric For Reusable Makeup Pads

Now many makeup pads and face cloths come with the same material on both sides. Some have different materials on either side, usually a rough side for exfoliating and a soft side.

I decided to include both styles for anyone looking to make makeup pads with a built-in exfoliator or without.

I want to challenge you to try and use fabrics you have at home to hand and recycle fabrics you have in the home. It is a great way of using up scraps and loose ends of fabric along with saving much of it from waste.

1. Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton is really popular with bedding and pajamas. It is super soft and gentle on the skin so it is one of the best fabric for reusable makeup pads.

You can find brushed cotton bedding in supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys. Also in fabric markets and shops and online. Perfect for use on the soft side.

2. Jersey

Jersey is pretty much t-shirt fabric that is stretchy and forgiving. Jersey especially thicker jersey is very comforting and kind on the skin. It is a popular material for clothing especially in baby grows and vests.

You can find a number of different thickness’, colours and styles of jersey to meet any need. I would advise using a thicker jersey for the reusable makeup pads as it will be softer, easier to use and more absorbent. Perfect for using on the soft side.

3. Fine Corduroy

While we mock that Corduroy shouldn’t be a thing and it severly went out of fashion years ago it is actually making a comback. It is a great material and can work well with so many styles including jackets, dungrees and dungaree dresses.

It also makes for a great fabric for reusable makeup pads. The grooves and texture make for a great exfoliant quality but also very soft on the skin.

If you have quite sore or combination skin I would look into using this type of material. Suitable for use on both for the rough and soft side.

4. Fine Velvet

Velvet is another 90’s classic material that we all loved and now love to hate. Well the 20 year cycle has brought velvet back to use so it is a perfect time to find cheap velvet or cut offs to use for our reusable makeup pads.

Personally, velvet makes me cringe so I wouldn’t voluntarily use it on my face but I still feel it would make for a great soft side of a make up pad.

You can find it online, in fabric stores of even on a second-hand garment in a charity shop. Make sure you wash your fabric before you make it into anything. Perfect for use on the soft side.

5. Cotton

Cotton is a popular fabric for many different projects. You can find pure cotton, polycotton and cotton in a range of colours, prints and styles.

You can find cotton both online, as fat quarter packs and in stores. You can also use old clothing or blankets and cushion covers that you no longer want to use in the home.

Recycling fabric within the home is a great way of keeping something you like and also stop it from going to waste. Perfect to use on the soft side.

6. Denim

This is a great material to use if you have an old pair of jeans to upcycle. You can cut up your old pair of jeans to use for the rough side.

You can also buy denim online and at fabric stores. Alternatively, you can pick up a bargain pair of jeans from the shop and use them.

Team the denim up with a soft side to buff the skin after a deep exfoliating. Perfect for use on the rough side.

7. Muslin

Muslin is a cheap and easy fabric to use, it can be found almost in any fabric store. You can also use baby cloths from the supermarket if you can’t get to a fabric store.

I find that any material that is used for and with babies in mind it is a good material to use. I think this is a great fabric if you have sensitive skin.

You can also find this material untreated and unbleached etc which is better as there are minimal chemicals in the fabric. This is a great light fabric to use for the rough side.

8. Linen

Linen is a really great durable fabric, that is both breathable and easy to use. Linen is one of the best fabric for reusable makeup pads.

You can purchase linen online or in fabric stores. Alternatively, you can cut up an old pair of summer shorts or a shirt that is made of linen. This is a great light fabric to use for the rough side.

9. Towel

Towelling fabric is so easy to get hold of and easy to use. It is a fabric pretty much everyone will have used towelling in one way or another.

You can use old towels, new facecloths and towels from the shop or find the fabric online and at sewing stores. Towelling is made from cotton which is a natural fabric which will be good for the skin.

I would say toweling is one of the best fabrics for reusable makeup pads as it is great for both the rougher side and soft side. It is also a common fabric used on the body and face. This is a great soft and easy to wash fabric for the soft side.

10. Microfiber

Microfiber has really taken off in the last few years mostly for cleaning cloths but it is also a great material to use for removing makeup.

The microfiber material is made from polyesters and polyamides for example nylon, Kevlar and Nomex. This can be both a bonus and let down as they will wash well and be heavy-duty to use.

But this can also be a let down as it is not a natural fabric and may not be great for all skin types. This is a great material to use for the soft side.

11. Waffle Cotton

I love using waffle cotton for blankets and other homewares. My sister years ago had a whole bed set of waffle cotton and after a couple of stains I recycled it into a patchwork quilt for her sofa.

I loved using it to create textures in quilting, applique and other crafts but it is also great for absorbing moisture. Perfect for use on the rough side.

Personally I think the best fabric for reusable makeup pads is towel, cotton and waffle cotton. I also really love the use of jersey, brushed cotton and muslin as they are natural fabrics and was really well.

That is everything on for my best fabric for reusable makeup pads. I hope this has been helpful and you can find a fabric combination that works for you. If you have previously made reusable makeup pads and found a fabric that works for you I would love to know.

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