How To Fix A Warped Cutting Mat

Are you looking at how to fix a warped cutting mat?

Cutting mats if not left on a flat surface can warp and bend out of shape but don’t worry because they are quite easy to fix.

Cutting mats and self healing cutting mats are used in a number of different crafts and sewing rooms from painting and modek making to mod podge crafts and quilting.

You can buy a number of sizes which is great but the larger ones aren’t as easy to store. If they aren’t stored properly they can easily bend and warp which makes them unusable.

Can I Fix A Warped Cutting Mat?

In quick answer yes it can.

There are a couple of factors to consider when you are looking at repairing your cutting mat.

Is it worth saving? If it isn’t overly damaged with lots of deep unhealed cuts or no large stains your worried may transfer to fabric then you might as well try and save it.

If you do have large stains or some unhealed cuts you can look at cleaning it before setting it to flat again. That way you can really start froma fresh and know it is clean and ready to use.

If these methods don’t work I would look at buying a new one, maybe give yourself a littel upgrade.

When Should I Replace My Self Healing Cutting Mat?

Self healing cutting mats are designed and made to last for years. There are a couple of factors which may shorten the lifespan or eextend it.

Things like how it is used, for fabric, crafts or a number of projects. If it is regulary washed and cleaned and general maintenance.

The self healing cutting mats are made to take on quite a lot of cutting, damage and wear and still repair themselves. Bigger name brands will perform better as they have better technology and manufacturing skills than some of the cheaper non branded mats on the market.

If you are looking at replacing your self healing cutting mat but are unsure as to try and salvage or buy new you can look at a couple of different factors to help you decide.

Factors such as how stained and damaged is it? Has it stopped repairing and has lots of guts and gashes in the surface? Even after washing is it still no better?

If you feel that all the answers to the questions above were yes, then I would research into buying a new cutting mat.

Depending on what you are looking to use the cutting mat for will determine which size and brand you wish to buy. Whether you are looking for the best cutting mat for quilters or for small craft projects there is something on the market for you.

How To Fix A Warped Cutting Mat

There are a number of ways in which you can fix a warped cutting mat. Each is similar but involves different steps and uses items you will have at home.

Method One

The first method is pretty simple you can lay it on a flat surface like the floor or a desk and let it natually fall to a flat shape.

This is mainly for people who don’t have a lot of heavy objects to place on top. This method may be better suited to your cutting mat if it is a small bump and can be fixed by naturally letting the mat flatten.

This method is easy to do and should give promising results depending on the severity of the bend.

Method Two

Very similar to the first method but using some strength and force. I once stored my mat half curved and it came out in a terrible way. It had been stood curved for too long that I didn’t think it would ever flatten out.

I simply laid it out on a flat surface and stacked many heavy books on top. You can use anything that is heavy and covers the entire surface of the mat.

You want to make sure the entire surface of the mat is covered to make sure there are no small pockets or areas that are still bent or not being flattened out.

Leave to flatten overnight and check again in the morning, if you think it needs longer you can leave it for longer and check back in a couple of hours.

Method Three

Another great way of how to fix a warped cutting mat is by ironing it. You might think this method is a little outrageous but it definitely works.

Start by using a damp cloth or towel and placing it over your cutting mat. Place the mat and towel on an ironing board or iron proof surface.

Turn the heat to medium to how depending on your iron and preferences.

Place the damp cloth or towel over the mat and use the iron to press the cutting mat. The damp towel will create stream and inject heat into the mat to allow the shape to move and reform.

Once you have ironed for around 10-15 minutes leave the cutting mat on a flat surface. Place heavy objects on top and leave overnight.

Method Four

The last method for fixing a warped cutting mat is to wash it and flatten it.

If like me you need to give your mat a little TLC and clean it and the fibres caught in it, I have a full tutorial on how to clean a cutting mat with all the steps.

You want to start by cleaning all the fibres and dust from the cutting mat. You can do this with a cloth and tape.

Then you want to use a large tub or bathtub with water, vinegar and bath soap to soak the cutting mat. Make sure the temperature of the water is very low and luke warm. You don’t want to melt the mat altogether.

Take out and place on a towel to dry, make sure this surface is flat on a table or floor to ensure the mat dries flat. Once most of the water has dried naturally place s couple of heavy books on top to ensure the mat is flattened.

Leave overnight and use the next day.

I hope you have found this guide on how to fix a warped cutting mat useful and hope you have managed to fix your own. If you have any helpful tips and tricks I would love to know more!

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