Best Quilt Battings For Hot Pads & Pot Holders

Are you wondering what the best quilt battings are for hot pads & pot holders?

I love making things for the home and kitchenware is no different. But there are some things you might want to research into before getting started.

With things such as hot pads and potholders, you are needing to create a certain level of protection from the heat. There are a number of ways in which you can do this from giving your fabric a protective layer or simply using a heat-protective quilt batting.

Can I Use Regular Batting?

This is a yes and no answer. It honestly depends on the type of batting you have at home already.

Pure cotton batting is safe to use only when used with the right materials. Even though the hot pads and pot holders are not going to be placed in the oven they are still at high risk of catching fire or causing damage to your work surface.

DO NOT USE POLYESTER BATTING. Polyester is likely to melt, smoke and carries a much higher risk of causing an accident as it is not a pure natural material.

Please do your own research into the materials, fabrics and threads you use for these styles of projects before using the finished product.

Best Quilt Battings For Hot Pads & Pot Holders

Both of these products come in contact with heat and can get quite hot so it is important to make sure they have sufficient batting in place. Both to protect your hands and to protect your work surfaces.

1. Insul-Bright Heat Resistant

This is by far the most used and recommended batting for hot pads and potholders.

Insul – Bright is a foil layer which provides heat protection. Due to the material being made from foil it is not suitable for microwaves.

The insul-bright is a thinner batting that is more like a layer of interfacing, use as a second layer next the fabric layer and add a layer of wadding after that.

That way you can be assured that you hand is protected by 4 layers of fabric and batting from the heat.

It is a thin layer and so still requires a layer of batting still to give the pot holders some more cushioning.

2. Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Natural Cotton Batting

I was totally intrigued with the Pellon wrap-n-zap batting due to its quality for being able to be microwaved.

Though I don’t seem many of us needing to microwave our pot holders or hot pads it was a good thought that hot plates will be touching the placemats.

So this particular quality made me think that this is one of the best batting for pot holders.

pellon wrap and zap interfacing batting

I always advise caution when using the items, though it states microwave safe, please exercise caution and safety measures.

Pellon is a reputable brand and is used worldwide, they have a variety of battings available but this was the one I thought best suited to placemats.

The batting does come with a warning that it is no fireproof or flame retardant. There is also a warning that the 100% cotton batting will shrink 3-5%. You can preshrink your batting before using and wash on a cool wash once used in your project.

3. Wool Jumper

I asked for this advice in a number of forums and groups before compiling tried and tested products.

One of the most common answers was to use an old wool jumper to create the batting. Still using 100% cotton fabric on the exterior pieces but using the wool as the batting.

A quality I didn’t know was that wool is treated so that if it was to catch fire it naturally goes out. Surprisingly making it a good batting for hot pads.

You can hot wash down a wool jumper to create a felted version to use as your batting for pot holders.

This is a tried and tested technique used by many. While it isn’t completely fireproof/flame proof, non of the options are.

The bonus with the wool option is that the thickness will stay the same for a longer period of time, giving you full coverage while wearing the hot pads.

4. Warm and Natural 100% Cotton Batting

Another fan favourite for many who make quilts and often use batting for projects. Many who make hot pads work with 100% cotton batting, 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton thread.

The properties in 100% cotton are safer to use on warm – hot objects. I will also mention that this batting should not be put in the microwave or oven.

warm & natural hobbs batting

This brand does occur some shrinkage but many people who use it haven’t noticed too much of a difference. If you wish to you can pre-shrink the batting to stop this happening later on.

Check your batting is 100% cotton before buying and using.

The batting isn’t fusible but is highly recommended for quilters and home projects. It is super easy to use and create a soft cushion within your placemats.

You can find these in different sizes to suit different quilt sizes such as a cot, double and queen. The cotton gives the batting a nice feel and cushion texture. It isn’t thick and is generally quite thin which makes it a great batting for pot holders.

I hope you have found this helpful in choosing the best batting for hot pads and pot holders. They are very popular to make and are extremely functional.

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