Do Sewing Machines Come With Foot Pedals

Buying a sewing machine can be as tricky as buying a new car, they come with different stitches and settings along with different parts and attachments. With this, you might also be wondering if all sewing machines come with foot pedals?

Almost every modern and brand new sewing machine will be sold with a foot pedal. You may find secondhand or older style sewing machines may not come with a foot pedal and may be required to be purchased separately.

In this article, I am going to talk about sewing machine foot pedals, if all machines come with foot pedals and what to do if your machine is second hand and requires a foot pedal.

Do I Need A Foot Pedal For A Sewing Machine?

If you’re familiar with using a sewing machine, there’s a good chance that it comes with a foot pedal. For many users, it’s a part of their machine that they can’t do without, but for others, they have never used it before.

A foot pedal is used to control the speed of your sewing machine, like the gas pedal of your car. But, as the sewing industry continues to advance, there has been the question of whether the foot pedal is needed or not.

You don’t need a foot pedal for a sewing machine and can do without it perfectly. Some sewing machines are computerized and while they don’t include a foot pedal, they offer consistency in the speed of the machine, fabric, and needle.

Other models used to come with knee presses instead of a foot pedal, which was a comfortable way to control the speed of your sewing machine. Many sewing machine manufacturers have created models that don’t feature a foot pedal.

Models without a foot pedal make it easier for those with physical disabilities and those who end up pressing the foot pedal too hard, to sew.

Do All Sewing Machines Come with Foot Pedals?

No, they don’t. Since everyone using the sewing machine is different, manufacturers also make their models different. Knee pedals can be dated back to the sewing machine models in the 1950s, and they are becoming popular again today. Some sewing machines without a foot pedal have a push-button format for controlling the speed.

Whether a sewing machine without a foot pedal is comfortable or not depends on how you do your sewing. Some people do better without it, while others can’t sew properly without having the pedal.

But, without the pedal, you can be more comfortable when sewing and adjust your seating how you want, especially if you plan to sew for a long period at a time. But if your machine has a long cord with the pedal, it’s not always comfortable to sew for a long time.

Almost every modern sewing machine will be sold with a foot pedal of some style as this is the most recent way of sewing. Each machine that is bought brand new will come with a foot pedal unless sold otherwise.

It is very uncommon for a sewing machine that is newly manufactured to be sold without a foot pedal. There may be options with certain brands and styles of machine to trade it out for another style of pedal or mechanism.

Pedal-Free Sewing Machines

If you’re looking for pedal-free sewing machines, you can start your search at the famous brands. These brands usually have an extensive collection of machines of all types, so pedal-free models would be one of them.

These include Bernina, Singer, and Brother. Janome also has different computerized machines with no pedal needed. But, going for famous brands means expensive, except the machine is used or refurbished.

Pedal-free sewing machines are not a new idea, and so you can find this feature in many of the old models. These usually include hand cranks and knee pedals.

Brand New Sewing Machines

Brand new and computerized sewing machines usually come with a foot pedal, although it depends on the one you want. Many computerized or digitized models allow you to choose whether you want the foot pedal to be attached to it or not, and so you can enjoy convenience.

A sewing machine stands on a table

But brand-new sewing machines are usually quite expensive, even more so when you go for those that have a foot pedal. So, if you have the budget and want to make your sewing experience more comfortable, you can purchase a new one and attach the foot pedal if you prefer it.

Refurbished Sewing Machines

The best thing about refurbished sewing machines is that you can update them based on your needs. And so, you can choose to attach or remove a foot pedal from a sewing machine while renovating it.

Refurbished sewing machines are usually those that were returned by the customer to the store, and are usually relatively new.

Refurbished sewing machines cost a little less than brand new ones, and you can add the store for those with or without a foot pedal. Then, you end up with a specialty sewing machine coming at a fraction of the original price.

Used Sewing Machines

If your budget is very tight and you need a tried-and-tested sewing machine, going for used machines would be better.

Older sewing machines usually have the foot pedal because it was popular among users, and so it might be difficult to find a used sewing machine without. But not all used sewing machines require foot pedals.

If you don’t want the pedal, you can look for one or ask the repair store to detach it and if the machine would still work perfectly. Used sewing machines are usually highly affordable and durable since they have been used for a long time. They can also be repaired and updated.

Alternatives To Foot Pedals

In many cases, sewing machines are built to have an alternative to the foot pedal. These include the knee press and push-button format which we explore earlier in this guide. There is also the rheostat, which is plugged into your sewing machine and used to control the speed and operation.

Even if a sewing machine is being operated with foot pedal alternatives, it would still work well and be better in some cases. So, if you’re not comfortable with the foot pedal, you can look for machines that have these alternatives.

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