How To Make Fabric Corner Bookmark

I love reading, it is one of my favourite pastimes and find it so relaxing, especially in winter when its cold outside you can instantly transform into a new place with a book. One thing I don’t like doing is folding down the pages.

I often like to keep the book in a nice tidy state for keeping, passing on or returning to the library. So after using a number of different book marks I decided to look around for a new alternative.

I stumbled upon the origami form of a corner bookmark and instantly loved it! Though I am not very neat and didn’t fancy getting a papercut. After some looking around I decided to try my hand at making a fabric corner bookmark.

And now, I honestly can’t stop making them!

Tools & Equipment

First things first, we need to talk about some of the tools and equipment you will need. These are all pretty basic things you might already have on hand.

The best thing about these fabric corner bookmarks is you can use any fabric you have available. Even your old curtains if you still have those laying around!

You can make these most sizes but nothing smaller than 2 inches squared and probably no bigger than a book! I also love that you can use up your fabric scraps to create these, mainly because I have soooo many fabric scraps!

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Paper Scissors
  • Pins or sewing clips
  • Sewing Machine – Though if you prefer you can sew these by hand
  • Ruler, paper & Pencil – to make your template
  • Iron & heatproof mat/ironing board
  • Light/medium weight interfacing
  • Fabric – enough to fit your required template – eg 4 inches by 4 inches if you follow this tutorial exactly. I chose to have a white backing and the print on the reverse side of the corner bookmark along with it on the triangle piece (see image below).

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These are super simple to make and honestly think they make for great gifts, stocking fillers or perfect for book lovers!

I put as much detail into these instructions to help you understand each and every step to making a successful fabric corner bookmark.

Step One

Start by ironing your fabrics so they are nice and flat and have no more wrinkles in.

If you are using fat quarters that have been stored for a little while make sure to use steam to help reset the composition of the weave of the fabric.

Step Two

Create your paper template of 4 inches by 4 inches. This in the end will create a corner of 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches if using a seam allowance of 1/4 inch.

Using your paper template cut out your fabric pieces. Cut 3 squares from your chosen fabrics.

Two pieces in your main fabric and one in the backing.

Step Three

Once you have your fabric cut you will need to cut one square into your interfacing and a triangle (use your template to cut from corner to corner to create the right size).

Iron on the square to one of the main fabric pieces of your fabric corner bookmark. Then take the triangle and place it on the other main fabric square.

Iron both interfacings to the back/wrong side of the fabric.

Step Four

While still using your iron take your piece that has the triangle interfacing on and fold it in half following the diagonal line of the interfacing.

This will create your corner piece for the front.

Step Five

Layer up your pieces ready to sew together. Start by laying down your main fabric square with the right side facing upwards.

Layer on top of that the triangle piece, making sure the neat edge is in the middle on the diagonal.

Then finally place your backing fabric on top. Pin or clip in place and take to the sewing machine.

Step Six

Sew around the edges using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Mak sure to leave a gap on one side to turn through.

Remember to backstitch on each side when starting and ending your stitches. This will make sure non of the stitches pop or come loose when turning the right side outwards.

Step Seven

Cut down your corners to get rid of the bulk. To do this simply take you fabric scissors and cut a diagonal across the corner to make it flat.

Make sure you don’t cut the stitches and seam as you would need to go back and sew it again.

Step Eight

Turn through your project so that the right side of the fabric is facing outwards.

Poke your corners using the end of your scissors or a knitting needle. Something small, fairly shape that won’t put a hole in your fabric.

This will create a nice even point to your fabric corner bookmark and look really neat.

Step Nine

You can either leave it there or you can topstitch the edges. I always choose to topstitch the edges as it makes it look nice and neat and helps give the bookmark some rigidity when using it.

Give it another iron and then your done!

Enjoy making these for yourself, gifts for friends and even maybe take a few to your local library to spread the cheer!

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