How To Store Thread Spools & Organise Them

Whether you have a craft/sewing room or just a corner of the dining room you can store your sewing supplies there are ways to maximize your space and storage system. One of the best ways to maximise space is by knowing how to store thread spools.

I have so many different sizes, styles and types so I find it hard to work out what I need and find it among the many. I decided to take some time to sort through my stash and get organised.

How To Organise Thread Spools

By Colour

One of the most popular ways to organise thread spools is by colour. This is very popular as it aesthetically beautiful to look at. This is great if you are only using one type of thread.

If you have a number of different threads for different projects you may find this difficult unless you repeat the system for each type.

By Thread Type

Due to many people having a number of different thread types and styles for different projects you might find this an easier way to organise. Keeping all thread types together will make it easier for you to find what you need and for the right project.

This is one of the most practical and useful ways of how to store thread spools. This is really handy if you sew a lot of clothing items with different materials and threads.

By Size

I have so many threads and some are different sizes than others. Honestly, this gets on my nerves a little as I like it to look uni-formed.

I decided to store my tall and thin thread spools together and the regular ones together. I found this easier as I have limited space I store mine in a sewing box dedicated to threads and additional equipment.

How To Store Thread Spools

Depending on your space, storage system and budget may depend on what you choose for how to store thread spools.

There are plenty of options and many of them can be made, DIY or sources from a shop with a variety of budgets.


Pegboards are at the height of popularity for sewing crafts as they are so versatile. Many people are making their own versions to accommodate thread spools or buying such from Amazon or Ikea.

This is a sample screenshot of the versions you can make and find on Pinterest.

You can buy a basic base and the pegs to go on it, alternatively, many people are making their own from a wooden board/frame with wooden dowels glued on.

This way is a great way to display the thread spools along with organizing them. They simply slide onto the throngs/pegs and sit there until they are used.

Sewing Box

I use this method at the moment as I have limited space and decided that I don’t need to access them too much. I sorted mine into sizes and then into the sewing box in compartments.

You can find a number of sewing boxes, storage boxes and trays that will hold threads. It can be totally your choice and what you are looking for. This can depend on what space you have available and how many thread spools you have.

Craft Drawers

Another popular choice for organising a craft room as they are easy to use and can really help make a room and space feel complete.

I have used drawers for a number of things from thread spools, embroidery floss and equipment in general.

You can store more than one in each drawer depending on which size you buy. This is really handy if you buy in bulk or use a lot of one colour. You can store these in colour order or use a label to put the colour code, brand and thread type on the drawer.


Simple narrow shelves are a great way to add another organisation level to your craft area. You can find affordable shelves from places like Ikea that supply basic and simple to put up shelves.

This is a great idea if you have plenty of wall space but not much desk or cabinet storage space. You can put the shelves at the height that suits you and pick and choose your thread when you need it.

The only downside to this method is that the threads are more likely to get a little dusty. This can be avoided by dusting regularly and using the threads often.

Jewellery Organiser

This is a popular space saving hack that many use for a number of objects around the home. This can work really well if you have limited space but still want to create the feeling of easy access.

This can be pulled out of storage or simply hung on the back of a door or patch of wall. It can be kept out and discreet and it doesn’t take up much room.

Spice Rack

This is a genius way of how to store thread spools especially if you have larger/taller ones for overlockers.

I love this idea as you can take something quite plain and unused and use it for something else. This is a really handy technique for displaying the threads and having them within arms reach while sewing.

That is everything on how to store thread spools. If you have a way and you think I should add it to the list let me know. Alternatively, if you are looking for more help on how to store thread spools leave me a comment below.