How To Store Your Sewing Machine – Solutions To Long And Short Term

Are you looking at how to store your sewing machine?

Whether you are taking a break from sewing or you are moving there are a number of reasons why you might be looking at the best ways to store your sewing machine.

There have been times I have fallen out of love with sewing and needed to have a break or simply needed a place to store it while I redecorate.

Things To Do Before Storing Your Sewing Machine

There are a couple of things you want to make sure you do before storing your sewing machine away.


It is really important to clean your machine regularly and even more important when you are storing it away whether for a short time or long time.

Make sure to clean underneath in the bobbin area and bobbin case. Take out the parts you are comfortable putting back in and clean the area. Make sure there is no dust or link remaining.


After cleaning you want to make sure that the sewing machine is well oiled ready to use again when you are ready.

Oiling your machine will help fight against rust and stop moisture getting to the vital part of your sewing machine.

There are a number of different sewing machine oils you can use but they must be suitable for sewing machines.


The final part of making sure your sewing machine is ready to store is covering it properly.

Make sure the foot in down on the machine before wrapping it up to store away.

Whether this is in blankets or towels or bedding. Whatever soft fabric coverings you have spare use those. Wrap the machine up well in as many layers as you can to give it plenty of protection.

Where Should I Store My Sewing Machine Long Term?

There are a number of places you can store a sewing machine long term. Whether you are looking to store it because you are moving, illness or just taking a break.

You still want to be able to come back to your machine and it be in the best condition it can be and just as you left it.

Temperature Controlled Locker

If you are moving and you are putting some of your belongings into storage look at getting a temperature controlled locker. This will be beneficial to many of your belongings such as clothes and furntiure anyway.

If you are going to store your sewing machine in a temperature controlled locker look at doing the steps listed above and wrapping in plenty og blankets then place in a large plastic container.

This will help keep the sewing machine protected and will help stop moisture entering the parts of the machine – which is bad as it will cause rust.

The plastic container will also help stop too much moisture entering the machine and give the sewing machine a good layer of protection.

You can store the machine on its side of stood up, either way it doesn’t hurt your sewing machine.

Within A Cupboard At Home

One of the best places to store a sewing machine is in a cupboard or wardrobe area at home. If you aren’t moving and just looking to store your sewing machine away for a while this is the best place.

Tip: If you live with small children, I would suggest placing the machine on the floor and towards the back. That way if any climbing happens the machine won’t fall from a shelf and is already safely on the floor.

I would still advise to clean and oil your machine before storing it away to keep it from collecting more dust and rusting.

Make sure the space isn’t anywhere that is damp or near any water as this can cause the sewing machine to rust. Cover with a sewing machine cover – handmade or what came with it will be fine.

Personally I would still place a blanket or two over the top to give it a little more coverage and protection.

If you are moving and you aren’t storing your belongings in a locker you can ask a friend or family member to store your sewing machine in a cupboard or wardrobe for you.

In A Garage Or Shed

She sheds are a thing! Move over men and your power tools, the ladies are here and we are decking out the sheds to be useful spaces.

I advise against storing a machine in sheds or garages due the temperatures not been controlled and they often let in a lot of moisture, meaning your sewing machine would rust.

Alternatively, if you work in your shed and leave your machine in there everyday and night there are a couple of ways to keep it in good condition but that is for another time.

If you have a small house, many people in the UK do, you might not have the luxury of extra space for storing your sewing machine and supplies. If you only have space in a garage or shed then look at wrapping the machine up in blankets and storing in a large plastic box.

Personally would only store my sewing machine in there for a short time and use a really useful box as these are easy to use and find in a number of shops and are better as they are very well sealed making it easier to keep moisture and small bugs out.

Make sure you clean your machine and oil before packing away and make sure you have put the foot in the down position.

Please do you own research and ask a local specialist for help and guidance on how to store your sewing machine and best practices. These circumstances may differ depending on the climates you live in and weather conditions etc.

I hope you have found this information useful and has helped you work out how to store your sewing machine and the best option for you. If you have any further tips I would love to know.

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