Janome Sewing Machines – Are They Any Good?

Janome is one of the leading brands of sewing machine on the market across the world and is often up at the top with Bernina, Brother and Singer. Though you may still be wondering if they are any good?

Janome sewing machines are a great quality brand of sewing machine and are very durable. They are great for a number of styles and models which are suitable for those just starting out in sewing and those who are more advanced.

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a Janome sewing machine and what different models you can find to suit every budget and style.

What Types of Janome Sewing Machines Are There?

One of the brands that are synonymous with leading sewing machines is Janome, which has been a sewing machine company since 1954, although it was a pine sewing machine factory at first.

It is a widely recognized name in the sewing machine industry and has become a global brand that is found in over 100 countries.

Janome is known for being very innovative in its sewing machine models. In 1971, they sold the first programable and computerized sewing machine which was a leap in the sewing industry. It also created the first computerized sewing machine for personal use in 1979.

Janome is based in Japan, and apart from producing sewing machines, they also make all types of robots and other products. Their sewing machines can be purchased from different kinds of retailers online and offline.

There are different kinds of Janome sewing machines out there, so it all depends on the one that you want to buy. They come in different styles, functions, and capabilities, regardless of the kind of sewing that you like to do. Here are the four main types of Janome sewing machines.

Computerized Sewing Machine

One of the most popular types of sewing machines from Janome is their computerized models. They are more advanced in terms of technology, and are also newer, making them very popular in the market today.

Janome Memory Craft 6700

There are different advantages you get from using computerized models, like their many stitching techniques and the control it provides. There are also automatic features, although it might seem too complicated for beginners.

You should keep in mind that computerized sewing machines are more expensive than other types, and it would be stressful if it breaks down. But, if you’re an experienced sewer and can afford it, you can invest in Janome computerized machines. Some of the popular ones include:

·         Janome DC1050.

·         Janome DC5100.

·         Janome HD3000.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Since Janome has been making sewing machines since the 1900s, it’s not surprising that they also have mechanical machines. These are older, more common, and also manual, making them a great choice for beginners. The machines are really basic, so you can easily find their controls and make different projects.

Janome 2200XT

But because they are manual, Janome mechanical models are imprecise compared to automatic and computerized models. They are also cheaper than many other options. If you plan to use your sewing machine for basic alterations and minor projects, then the mechanical models would be a perfect fit.

Here are a few Janome mechanical machines:

·         Janome 1600P.

·         Janome 2206.

·         Janome 2222.

·         Janome 2212.

Embroidery Machine

Janome does not limit itself to normal sewing machines but is also well-known among embroiders. Embroidery machines are a unique type of sewing machine, and although some of them are stand-alone, others double as a sewing machines.

You can create embroidery and monogram with embroidery sewing machines from Janome, apart from basic repairs and alterations.

Janome Memory Craft 550E Embroidery Machine

But, keep in mind that embroidery machines are complicated and also very expensive, going as high as thousands of dollars. If you want to use a Janome embroidery machine, you must master it in and out to get great results. Some well-known Janome embroidery machines include:

·         Janome MB4.

·         Janome Memory Craft 9900.

·         Janome MB-7.

Serger Machine

Janome also makes high-quality sergers, which are specialized sewing machines used to make professional seams that your normal sewing machine can’t handle. Using many threads and needles, they can create a stitch that prevents fraying and increases the durability of the seam.

They can be used with different kinds of fabrics and works better than a normal sewing machine when dealing with difficult materials.

Janome 8002DG Overlocker

Keep in mind that serger machines don’t do the job of a normal sewing machine, and so you would need both if you’re planning to advance your sewing skills. You can’t have a serger without a sewing machine, although it can be the other way around.

If you’re sewing for professional purposes, you would do better with a serger. Some popular Janome sergers include:

·         Janome 634D.

·         Janome 8002D.

Multipurpose Machines

Janome also has some sewing machines that do the work of embroidering, quilting, and sewing, which is great for diverse sewers. They include:

·         Janome Skyline S9.

·         Janome Memory Craft 1200.

They also make sewing machines for children, which include:

·         Janome Hello Kitty 18750.

·         Janome Hello Kitty 15822.

What are the Key Features of Janome Sewing Machines?

Janome has an extensive range of sewing machines of different types in its collection, and so they all have all kinds of features and characteristics. Even with this, here are some common, key features of Janome sewing machines.

Ideal for All Kinds of Sewers

Janome has a sewing machine type for all kinds of sewers, regardless of your level or skill set. They have different machines that are beginner-friendly, and those that can be used by professionals and experienced sewers.

There are also tech-inclined sewers who look out for computerized and automatic models. Sewers that branch out to all kinds of crafts like embroidery and quilting, and even kids, can use Janome sewing machines.

Innovative and High Quality

Another key feature of Janome sewing machines is how high-quality and innovative they are, in terms of design and features.

There are different kinds of features you can expect in terms of stitching, and they are known for introducing new ideas to the sewing industry.

Globally Recognized with Good Reputation

Janome has been globally recognized as one of the best sewing machine companies in the world, and so it’s not surprising that they offer high quality. They continue to live up to their reputation.

Great Value for its Money

You can expect high value for your money when you buy Janome sewing machines because they pack an extensive range of features into one ergonomic and attractive design.

They are also highly affordable and come in a spectrum of prices depending on their features, so you can easily find one that fits your bill.

Advantages of Janome Sewing Machines

There are different benefits that you can expect when you buy Janome sewing machines. As a globally recognized brand, there’s no doubt that you would gain a lot from using their machines. Here are some of the advantages.

·         Excellent Price Range:

Janome sewing machines come in a superb range of prices that allows anyone to enjoy them. You would get the same amazing features that leading brands offer, but at a surprisingly low price.

They continue to represent high quality and affordability, so regardless of what your budget is, you would find a model that fits your bill.

·         Emphasizes Innovation:

Janome is also known for focusing on innovation when making their sewing machines, instead of just focusing on the status quo. They commit to quality that you can’t get from cheap sewing machines, and they are also versatile.

This is why they can even make a machine that quilts, embroiders, and sews all at once.

·         Hundreds of Stitching Options Available:

There are hundreds of stitching options that you can get with Janome sewing machines, with cutting widths as high as 8mm.

Some of the best models out there can have even 500 built-in stitches and allows their customers to create custom stitches with their modeling software. With their impressive speed, you can produce more than 1000 stitches each minute.

·         Highly Durable:

With Janome sewing machines, you can also expect top-notch durability. With their affordable prices, you can get a machine that would last you up to a lifetime. Their durability is a result of their quality craftsmanship, which allows you to use them for a long time.

You can even get second-hand Janome sewing machines, and they would still provide top quality.

Disadvantages of Janome Sewing Machines

Although Janome sewing machines are sparkling with all kinds of benefits, there are a few downsides to using their models. This doesn’t mean that they are of low quality, as the pros overweigh the cons. Here are the common disadvantages that you might encounter from some of these machines.

·         Heavy and Bulky Designs:

Janome sewing machines are usually heavy and bulky, so it’s best to leave it in one place once it’s installed.

Although not all Janome machines are bulky, this is a common disadvantage. So, if you want to avoid it, you can look for those that are smaller and portable.

·         Difficult to Learn:

You would have to read through the manual before you can use a Janome sewing machine, unlike others that have a simple, straightforward user interface. But once you get the hang of how to use it, you can start using the machine easily.

·         Either Too Advanced or Too Simple:

Janome sewing machines are either so advanced, that they cannot be used by beginners, or they are so simple, that professionals won’t enjoy using them. So, you would have to buy one that is advanced or simple depending on your skill level.

Are Janome Sewing Machines Good To Use?

Yes, they are. Janome sewing machines are very easy to use, so if you need high-quality sewing appliances, you would benefit from using them. As they have been selling top machines since the 1900s, they have continued to keep their quality intact.

There’s a good chance that you would find a Janome sewing machine model that fits your needs.

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