The 4 Best Battings for Coasters

When sewing fabric or quilted coasters, the batting to be used is vital as it can make or mar the outcome, quilted or fabric coasters are useful household materials as they serve as a barrier between a hot or cold mug or bottle or plate and the table or furniture. 

Like any other type of drink coasters or coasters in general, fabric coasters absorb the heat or wet drippings that form rings on the furniture. Sometimes, depending on the material used, the coaster can reflect heat or cold to the item placed on it.

The batting inside the fabric coaster is what does this job, and if the right one is not chosen, it can destroy furniture, leave unwanted stains or create an unpleasant sight. To avoid this, there is a need to find out the best batting for coasters. It is on this note that we will guide you on the best batting brands you can check out for sewing coasters.

Do I Need to Use Special Batting for Coasters?

Yes and no, as this depends on what coasters you are trying to make. 

Regular or standard batting for sewing coasters is made from cotton and is ideal for the coasters. However, if you need heat-proof, warm, thin, or fluffier coasters, you may need special batting like polyester, cotton-polyester combo, wool, or bamboo batting.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Batting for Coasters

Before diving into the best batting brands out there, we need to discuss the things to consider when selecting these brands. First, keep in mind that the batting for fabric coasters comes in all different sizes, lofts, weights, and fibres. 

Don’t forget to check out my Fabrics & Tools page for more information on different fabrics, battings and tools to use while sewing.

However, the following are the most crucial things to check out before selecting the best batting: 


Batting exists in various types like cotton, polyester, wool, bamboo, needle punched, fusible, etc. Cotton is a natural fiber, soft and thin in texture. As a result, a 100% cotton batting is highly suitable for drink coasters as they can absorb well and prevent heat from destroying the furniture, though not for long. 

Wool is thick yet lightweight; it can keep things warm and absorb wet drippings. However, its thickness prevents it from being stable, so it is not as common as cotton.

Polyester is thicker and lighter than cotton, however, it melts easily especially when exposed to high heat. Bamboo is the lightest and very stable, however, it is quite expensive due to its processing. 

Low loft Vs. High loft

The batting loft is a measurement of its thickness and weight. When a batting has a low loft, it means it is thin, and when it is high, it means it is thick. While a high loft batting may seem appropriate to create a heatproof coaster, it can be unstable due to its thickness. 

A low loft batting is ideal for sewing quilted drink coasters, though it may not absorb or reflect heat and wet drippings sufficiently. However, some battings have low lofts and are heat proof as well as thick ones that are stable. It all depends on the brand. 

The ideal brand of batting to consider would be heatproof or heat resistant, thin or thick yet stable. Of course, the budget usually plays an ultimate role in the overall decision-making. 

Summarily, before purchasing batting from a brand, check its price and the product description and features for the type of fabric, weight, thickness, and thermal conductivity, or if it is heatproof or heat resistant.

Four Best Batting for Coasters

There are a number of battings you can use and it really depends on the loft you want in your coasters over all. You may also find some are better for coasters as they are cotton and won’t react to the heat where as polyester might.

Here are my 4 best battings for coasters;

1. Quilters Dream Cotton Batting

This is one of the best batting out there within an affordable range. It is made with 100% cotton and specially needle punched.

It is also natural and environmentally friendly. Quilters Dream Cotton Batting has a high thermal value making it heat resistant and almost heatproof. It keeps the item placed on it warm. 

It is a great option for sewing coasters as it is needle and sewing machine-friendly. Additionally, It is also washing machine-friendly and does not shrink if washed gently. Prewashing may lead to a little wrinkle, though, the product may not need it if it is clean. 

Finally, the Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is stretchable, flexible, and great for regular cotton batting coasters.

2. Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

This is a cotton-polyester combo batting with about 87% cotton and 13% polyester. It is needle punched, preventing it from shifting, tearing, creeping, or migrating through the cover fabric. It is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Warm and Natural Cotton Batting is environment friendly, thin, stable, and heat resistant. 

It is a great choice for sewing coasters as it is machine and needle-friendly.IIn addition, this product does not require pre washing, does not shrink, and is machine washable. It is also quite affordable and comes in various sizes including, crib, twin, 3.

3. Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Natural Cotton Batting

This is another 100% cotton batting product that is suitable for making coasters. It is environment-friendly, thin, stable, and heat resistant. It is a great choice for sewing coasters as it works well with needles and sewing machines.

However, it does shrink slightly, so it is advisable to do some preshrinking and cool washing after the coaster is made.

Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Natural Cotton Batting is quite popular for its ability to withstand high heat and be used in a microwave. However, there is a caution that it must not be placed in the microwave alone without food.

It will be the perfect choice for hot plates of a hot flask, though it is not flame resistant, so you should exercise caution when using it. 

4. Insul-Bright Heat Resistant Batting

This product is highly recommended for people who want to sew their coasters at home themselves. Though it is made from polyester fibers, Insul-Bright Heat Resistant Batting is just as it suggests.

It is an insulated product with high thermal conductivity. As long as it is not used in a microwave, it works fine for coasters. 

It is needle punched, very light yet thick, and fit for machine and needle sewing. It does not require prewashing, is machine washable, and does not shrink. One great feature of this product is how it reflects heat and cold to the item placed on it.

The polyester is hollow with metalized poly-film that allows it to reflect heat or cold from the item placed on it. 

It can be used for several other quilt projects, including lunch bags, pot holders, water heater covers, and many more. In addition, it is affordable and environmentally friendly.

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