The 5 Best Sewing Boxes & Sewing Organizers

Sewing boxes have been a staple element in the sewing room for a number of years and it was something each grandmother had whether they were big into sewing or just had it for small repairs.

I have used a number of different sewing boxes and evolved with my needs over time. Depending on what you need, what you are looking for and what you like will depend on the style and size sewing box you use.

I decided to list 5 of my favourite sewing boxes where you can find them in different colours or patterns but the basic style and organisation of each is the same. These are perfect for a number of hobbies, crafters, sewers and more.

5 Best Sewing Boxes & Sewing Organizers

Before we get started I wanted to run through a few things that you might need to think about before buying a sewing box. I have often had my sewing boxes bought for me as gifts and honestly wouldn’t have picked better myself.

You want to think of the following things:

  • Practicality – is it easy to move, carry or handle and open?
  • Spacious – does it have space for everything you want to include from scissors to rulers or threads etc
  • Organisation – does it have plenty of smaller compartments to allow you to organise your smaller items from needles, pins and bobbins.
  • What is your main use? – It is to store a lot of your sewing supplies such as threads, do you plan to store all your most used items in there or are you using it mostly for hand sewing and just to hold the most essential items.

Take these into mind as you will want to keep this in mind when you are purchasing your new sewing box. If you already have a sewing box and it is no longer good to you, write down what you no longer like about it, what do you want from your sewing box and what kind of style do you like.

With that in mind here are my top 5 sewing boxes and organisers.

1. Hobbygift Wooden Cantilever 3 Tier Sewing Box

I personally have this exact style (though it was an old family friend given to me).

It is a great useful space and really handy if you like me work in different rooms and spaces.

I find this the most helpful as it is fairly compact, easy to fold away and I can store pretty much all the small necessary sewing tools, equipment and bits and bobs in it.

I truly love using this style and think it is great for a number of crafters including sewers. The box comes with 5 sections, 4 smaller which are perfect for threads, bobbins and smaller items such as pins and needles and one larger section at the base which is perfect for larger things such as scissors, rulers and other long or bulk tools.

2. HobbyGift MRM137 Medium Sewing Box

My very first sewing box was very similar to this and honestly it was all I needed.

For those who like something small and simple and nothing too complicated or large this is the perfect style.

The easy to carry handle gives you a way to transport your sewing box from room to room or from the table to the living room.

The size is perfect for those who just need a few necessary items in their box from pins, needles, scissors, threads and bobbins.

This sewing box is a fabric box with padding and sturdy base, it also comes with a small divider on the top to help section of the ultra small items. With the biggest space at the base big enough for scissors and some other larger tools.

3. Prym Sewing Box

This Prym sewing box is very similar to the tiered box at the top where the tiers fold into a compact space.

This is super cute and reminds me of a traditional picnic basket.

This is perfect for those who need a little extra space for all those threads, pins and tools they need to hand along with a compact structure.

What I love the msot about this box is the soft cushion tops where you can store your pins and needles while you work. I would suggest buying this if you love the style of storage, keeping organised and like hand sewing too.

Also, this is perfectly suited to those who embroider, cross-stitch or like to do plenty of hand stitching projects.

4. Anstore Craft Storage Box with Compartments

If you primarily work from a sewing room or sewing space you can often leave everything out and you don’t need a sewing box this may be a great alternative for you.

The clear plastic storage box is great for seeing exactly what you need and where it is.

This is great for a number of crafters, sewists and those who enjoy hand sewing.

While there are no cute designs or soft features to use as pin cushions on this sewing box it is built more for practicality than comfort.

I love the small dividers in this to keep everything super organized and tidy as I often find my supplies get tangled and messed up easily.

5. Creations Korbond Sewing Basket Twin Lid

While similar to the HobbyGift sewing box about it is slightly different with the layout and style.

This super lush grey material sewing box is perfect for those looking for something new and practical.

It has all the compartments to keep your smaller items organized and the large space for larger items such as scissors.

My favourite feature on this sewing box is the dual open top lid, it was so much easier to be able to open on side and find what I needed.

Something else I love is the additional pockets on the inside of the lids which can hold small items such as seam rippers, fabric marking tools and needle cases.

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