The Best Fabric For Quilting

There is so much to making a quilt and choosing the right fabric is one of the most important components. It can be hard to decide what to choose so I decided to put together this helpful guide of the best fabric for quilting. To help anyone like me who is new and wants all the facts before diving in.

I never realized how important it is to pick the right fabric for a project until I went to University and fabric choice was everything. It is the same with quilting, there are a small number of fabrics which are tried and tested to create amazing quilts.

If you really wanted you can make a quilt for pretty much any type of fabric you wanted but to make a quilt to last and to awe you might want to keep reading.

Tip: You want to look for a fabric that will wash well and last a long time.

If you are looking at combining fabrics make sure they are a similar weight and can be washed at the same temperature.

Quilting can be an expensive hobby so looking into the right fabrics and getting things right the first time is hard and sometimes a little stressful.

Best Fabric For Quilting

Whether you are quilting to make a blanket or quilting to make a wall hanging you will want durable fabric. Though depending on your forever purpose of the piece, may swing you to one fabric over the other.

Tip: If you are planning on making a quilt for a throw or blanket that will be washed, remember to wash your fabrics individually first before cutting.

This will allow any excess dye and chemicals to leave the fabric before spreading into the other fabrics once you have quilted.

For example, if you are looking to make a quilted wall hanging or display piece then something tougher and stronger will be needed.

If you are quilting to make a blanket or throw then you can opt for a fabric that is softer and less rigid. Though I still suggest the best fabric for quilting is cotton, whether it be 100% cotton or home decor cotton.

Tip: If you are making a quilt to hang up or display in some format look at using spray starch as you quilt. This will help keep your fabric stiff and stop loose threads coming away and fraying.

Also make sure you have all the right cutting equipment such as a quilting ruler and rotary cutter.

100% Cotton

The most popular and most used fabric for quilting is 100% cotton. There are a couple of names which stores and online sellers will call this, names such as quilters cotton and pure cotton.

100% cotton can be found in fabric stores, online and even in some day to day items. The price range can vary on this type of fabric depending on where you buy it from. It is usually anything from £4 per meter up to £9 per meter.

This will also depend on where in the world you are along with availability and stock levels.


Linen is a durable fabric, again is a natural fabric and made from the Linaceae family plant. Is it strong and long lasting and extremely breathable, that is why it is so popular in clothing for hot countries.

Linen is easy to work with and can make a wonderful fabric to use for a quilt.

You can buy linen online, in fabric stores and find it in clothing if you prefer to make a scrap quilt.


Voile is predominantly used in fashion and for dressmaking but has become increasingly more popular for making quilts.

While I personally wouldn’t use it I have heard it is lovely to work with. It is a fabric that is a silky, lightweight and slightly transparent cotton.

Home Decor Weight Cotton

Though very similar to quilters cotton it is different, with a sheen on the fabric instead of being truly 100% cotton.

It is slightly heavier and makes a perfect choice for items such as cushions, bags and home interiors. Items that require a little more body and a sturdy finish.

Tip: If you decide to use this type of cotton, I would look into using a slightly lighter weight batting to counteract the weight of the fabric.

Cotton Flannel

Cotton flannel is another great fabric to use, especially for baby quilts and throws. Due to the cotton flannel being softer and snugglier it makes for a better quilt.

You can find cotton flannel or brushed cotton as bedding, in fabric stores and online.

Personally I think 100% cotton is the best fabric for quilting. It can be used for both display quilts and for blankets and throws. It is easy to work with and use, a very trusted fabric and easy to get hold of. I also like that it is still natural fabric.

That is everything for my best fabric for quilting guide. I hope you have found this useful and helped you decide which fabric is for you. If you have used alternative fabrics before that you think work great I would love to know more in the comments below.

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