The Best Marking Tools For Quilting

Though I haven’t been quilting that long I have been sewing for years. While at university I had a whole host of fabric marking pens for different fabrics, projects, and purposes. It can get a little confusing to what you need and what is best. So here are my 7 best marking tools for quilting.

I wanted to leave a quick note to remind you to try out your fabric marking tools on a scrap piece of fabric before going to your main project. Follow the instructions provided by the brand and manufacturer and take caution when using.

Pilot Frixion Pen

Friction pens are extremely popular and useful. They are great to use for quilting projects as you can easily use the pen as you would any other and once you want to get rid of the pen marks you rub it out with the eraser.

Pilot frixion pens - best marking tools for quilting.

Friction pens are popular among sewists and quilters and are very well received. There are some facts to note though if you are planning to use them, they don’t completely get rid of the lines and some have said there is a ghost line left behind.

Some have also noticed within extreme cold conditions the lines have come back. Though even after these foundings I still believe this is one of the best marking tools for quilting.

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Prym Chalk Mouse

The Prym brand is very popular among sewists, quilters and tailors so it is no surprise that their chalk mouse is one of the best fabric marking tools for quilting.

Easy to hold and use it glides along your fabric leaving a small trace of fine chalk dust behind. Chalk is one of the most popular fabric marking tools as it is easy to use, cheap to buy and easy to wash out.

The mouse is a handy size to fit in your palm and easy to hold whether you have trouble holding something as thin as a pen or great for children to use.

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Clover Chalk Pen

I often use the clover chalk pen as it is so easy to use. Chalk pens such as this or chalk pencils are great to use as they are already in the style of a toll you use daily.

Chalk is a semi harmful way of marking your quilt and patchwork pieces. I would advise being careful of the colour you use as this can leave a lasting mark.

Otherwise, the chalk pen glides with a rotary style wheel at the tip to make marking easy and simple. The Clover chalk pen is really easy to use and works just like a pen/pencil would.

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Crayola Washable Markers

There have been many suggestions about washable markers on the market. The most popular among the users has been the Crayola brand. Though not marketed for sewers in general mums needing to get out pen stains from clothes.

These are great for using on the reverse side of fabric or to mark seam allowance. Though very popular and well marketed within the sewing groups I would still advise to take caution and try on a scrap piece before using on your main fabric.

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Prym Aqua Trickmarker

Prym a leading brand who bring us a variety of quality products and great prices. This is the Aqua Trickermarker, perfect for any project including quilting.

The pen works like any normal pen but only needs a dab of water to remove the lines. It is a fine tip so lines are neat and tidy and won’t bleed into the fibres of the fabric.

It is a highly recommended project and would honestly say it is one of the best fabric marking tools for quilting.

Some customers have mentioned they dry out, something I haven’t witnessed yet. As always test out on a piece of scrap fabric before drawing on your main project.

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Prym Self Erasing Trickmaker

Another from the Prym family but this time this is a self-erasing marker. No need to remember to wet your fabric, wash it or iron it to remove the lines.

It is another fabric marking tool that is high on the list though there are reviews in which state the lines disappear before you want them to.

This probably comes down to what you are using it for, how long you are working on the project for and the projet itself.

I would still recommend trying this one out if you are in the market for an easy to use fabric marking pen. I would say that this is one of the best marking tools for quilting as it is quick and easy to use.

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Prym Chalk Cartridge Set

I am in a sewing group on Facebook ( It is very fun and handy if you ever get stuck on a project) and the people in the group are often recommending products which they have found, used and fallen in love with.

This is one of the products they recommended, it is really easy to use. Very similar to the clover chalk pen but you can interchange the colours which I love because you can change the colour depending on your fabric.

It is highly versatile and so easy to use and maintain. It is a chalk pen but it doesn’t dry out, won’t run out of ink and lasts much longer than some of the alternatives on the market.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this for all your sewing projects and think it is one of the best marking tools for quilting.

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That is everything for my best marking tools for quilting, if you have found this useful please share it. If you have a fabric marking tool you love and want to share with me leave me a comment below.

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