The Best Places To Buy Sewing Machine Feet

If you are wondering where to buy sewing machine feet then don’t worry I have you covered.

Something I don’t think is well covered when you are learning to sew is that each sewing machine brand and type of machine is different from the last. They each have different fixtures and fittings which means not all sewing machine feet are universal.

I have a Bernina 1008 and if you wish to change foot you can’t just change the clip on foot at the bottom, you are required to change the shank too. This is something I didn’t know until I was at university and each machine had a set of feet to match.

This may be the case for you, alternatively, if you are looking for the different types of sewing machine feet I have covered that here.

The Best Places To Buy Sewing Machine Feet

I wanted to create this post to highlight that each brand and style of machine is different many times general off branded machine feet won’t fit every machine.

Do research into your brand of machine and the model of your machine before buying anything. Your model may be specific and need certain attachments others of the same brand don’t.

You can do this buy googling your brand and model number, speaking to a supplier directly or checking your booklet that comes with your machine (if you have one).


I honestly think you could find anything and everything you could ever need on eBay. It has a world of opportunities and so many options.

This is a great place to find sewing machine feet for your machine. Many times the people selling them are stockists that already sell the parts, people who are selling on their old machine or people who have spares.

The bright side to eBay is that if the item is incorrect and doesn’t work for your machine you can return it.


Amazon is another place you can hop on and find what you need in no time. Amazon has everything you could dream of and you can even get it next day.

While there are plenty of sewing machine feet to choose from I would advise you to make sure the brand name is in the title as there are many non branded packs.

Don’t forget that once you start collectin the sewing machine feet you will need a handy storage system to keep you organised!

You can purchase one of these and try the clip-on feet, I have a pack myself as I wanted to review them but if you are looking for a specific foot I would personally buy the correct foot and brand.

Direct From The Brand

Some sewing machine brands also allow you to buy parts and accessories from their website.

Though you may end up paying more than you would form eBay or Amazon you are going to get the correct foot and fit for your machine.

Some brands such as Bernina are a little harder to get hold of and may require you to contact the brand directly to purchase a specific sewing machine foot.

Local Stores & Sewing Centers

I never underestimate local sewing shops and centers. They are a place that have staff that are knowledgeable and helpful so even if they don’t have what you need they might be able to get it for you or point you in the right direction.

Many sewing shops will have a selection of accessories along with a small selection of sewing machines for sale. More than likely if you bought your machine from them they will have the same branded accessories to sell too.

If you are also unsure about what foot you need they can help you decide and find it.

If you want to know more about the different sewing machine feet I have a full post on the different feet and what they do.

Sewing Machine Repair Shops

These are much different from the sewing shops but are another great resource. You don’t just have to go in for machine repairs you can find spare parts and even sewing machine feet.

While their main stock will be sewing machines and repairing them you might be able to charm the staff to see if they had spare sewing machine feet.

It can be a last resource or first port of call, if you have already used your local sewing machien repair shop you may have a better idea of whether feet is something they would have in stock or not.

Carboot & Auction Houses

I have found plenty of sewing stuff at carboots and in auctions before and see them quite often still. I have seen sewing machine, parts and patterns so if you like going to car boots and auctions and going anyway you can keep your eyes peeled for some bargains.

This method isn’t as direct and useful as you are never guaranteed to find what you are looking for though it may be handy to find items to resell and use the profit to fund your own sewing supplies!

If like me you like to go to these places anyway you can take an extra few minutes to look at the tables and lots to see if there is any opportunites to find sewing equipment.

If you find a couple of used and worn sewing machine feet I have the perfect guide on how to clean them here.

I would advise this method more if you are looking to replace parts of an older sewing machine model that is no longer manufactuered or is classed as “vintage’. You can find specalist vintage auctions with much older stuff to sell.

I hope this list has been helpful in deciding where to buy sewing machine feet. If you have found any good stockists or websites in which you have had a good experience please share below in the comments.

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